Go Boho Chic! With Skova Soul Accessories From SadeeSays!

 Finally accessories I can wear while peeking through the California regions. Well you know the west is the best and these funky items are a combo of hippie love meets uptown peace with attitude.

I’ve fallen head over heels with Skova Soul’s trance jewelry from a well known site and fashion friend SadeeSays.

I guess you can say her pieces are definitely different and completely original. Because I instantly wanted to pull out my flared jeans and billow silk printed blouse. And dance to Jefferson Airplane “White Rabbit” when I first glanced at these trinkets, or a little Jimi Hendrix either one would work. Designer Michaela Moryskova mixes a new dosage to the average earring, ring and bracelet, and pop out snakes and tigers and elephants to the mix. She infuses a little bit of a wild side meets tamed elegance. Which if your fan of wild jewelry charms and golden lust necklaces then you’ll notice the fierce touches it adds to any look. Which is always ideal since the Fall season is quickly poking through those ripped jeans. I’ve always been secular when it comes to finding unique accessories. And these items are beyond that and so much more, so when I found them on SadeeSays I had to shout at the rooftops with excitement.

Plus her handbags are chic and extremely detailed to wear I would instantly wear these handbags with maxi dresses and to work.

Because I adore statement pieces and over the top expression looks.

 So Let Your Soul Arise & Become Infused With A Little Boho Chic Like I Have & Rock Out With SadeeSays.com Statement Jewels!

~Brittany J.



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