Here’s A Trendy But Goody: Presenting Chain Reactor Handbags!

I’ve been on a fashion look out for a handbag that’s popular among the fashion week queens. Yes it’s an handbag that’s been replayed over and over again, but for some reason this time it’s different. Since the fall season is here and won’t be leaving us for a while I thought why not demonstrate a fall handbag that’s popping up all over the place.

 It’s either a look you’ll want to wear or you’ll want to own until you’ve found that perfect look.

I’ve been a little preoccupied trying to come up with a new blog post since fashion week is over. And since I finished those trends, I thought about what’s haute this season and what’s all the rage in the fashion department. Then BAM all of sudden these funky yet classic handbags leaped across my computer, there’s been a massive amount of models and celebs supporting this elegant handbag.

But then again it’s not the attention grabbing handbag that rules the arm, I think it’s the designers ownership. Meaning there’s always one leader above the pact and that my friend goes to Chanel. Of course I have to mention the fashion royalty brand and discuss how quintessential their purses are.As the Fall season poke through our fragile scarves you have to wonder what makes these bags so special? Well there’s many reasons but there’s one variable reason why I’m so obsess. I know these handbags can go with anything and can be worn by anyone.

There’s no size to worry about or fit and the price varies from high to low. And at the end of the day they’re the perfect handbags and many designers lavish on this classic treat.Marc Jacobs revived the quilted chain strap ones and made it his own. But with the quilted ones their were already an introduction from Chanel. But over the years you and I have probably came across many chain strap purses some from Rebecca Minkoff and Jimmy Choo. Or you’ve probably seen them at your malls or boutiques, like I have and instantly wanted to buy one. Which means your a bit of a handbag junkie like me.

Another thing you’ve probably noticed lately is the amount of celebs and models showcasing them during the recent Fashion week events. They’ve put the chain back into reaction and reconstructed the classic fashion staple.

You’ll see a high voltage of Fall/Winter trends happening which is always fun to try. But this savvy fall trend isn’t meant to leave you feeling like a copy cat, it’s meant to leave you looking fashionably in tuned. So enjoy something shiny and react into style’s newest obsession!

~Brittany J.


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