It’s Style Glance Time: Featuring Pippa & Rachel

 One thing I’ve noticed throughout Fashion is this: there’s always one look that’s repeated. It’s a common interest among the world of onlookers. So I thought why not introduce something fresh and a little different.

With this new feature I’m doing, you will notice one thing: how one celeb style matches with another one. I consider my style twins a mixture between, Zoe Saldana and Nicole Richie. They reflect  hipster chic yet stylish looks when you glance at them.

This may be called style glance but really it’s a view at what I’ll call Style Twins. There’s a weird comparison between the two styles and looks of an celeb.

This Week: I’m reviewing the two most stylish ladies who share a fondness for the LBJ.

I can recall a time when having individual style meant something but now it’s all changing. Now you can have your looks compared to your style icons and it’s okay. Which in my case I adore because let’s face it, coming up with your own look takes time and a lot of thought.

Now the LBJ: It’s a fashion term I’m calling Little Black Jacket ~ It’s a cool term since we wear them a lot. Plus they pizazz any outfit in a matter of seconds. Here’s two high-profile girls who enjoy wearing the trendy look.

But what’s surprising to me is the fact that they actually style and accessorize in the same way. They love wearing sunglasses, and leather jackets it’s like their wardrobe and style choices are identical.

The  Style Analysis Between The Two:

Rachel Bilson Style: For instance she wears her LBJ everywhere and consider it a fashion staple among her outfits. I love how she keeps everything extremely simple yet chic when she wears one.

Her daily looks alone has everyone plotting for one of her items. I mean she’s always stepping it up effortlessly when it comes to her choice of colors and her use of accessories. There’s a focus thought with what she wears, and that’s what makes her so stylish no matter what the occasion is.

Now I Must Introduce Another Fashion Admirer To The Mix Whose From Across The Pond.

Pippa Middleton Style: Is not at all like her Duchess of Cambridge sister Kate Middleton. She’s daring and willing to dash in overboard with her style. Probably because she’s the youngest, I’m the youngest in my family and we tend to push the limit with our clothing choices. It’s because we play with style instead of run from it we embrace it.

Even though her sister is featured on many best dress lists. I truly believe Pippa ranks higher in some fashion categories. But her style is truly based on the weather of Europe, which includes leggings/tights, and the occasional trench-coat. She plays with blazers and skirts and boots as her go to accessory.

Her level of style deals with London mixed with American designers. Which makes her one stylish maven from across all borders plus she catches magazine editors from afar.

With these style twins it’s all about one thing it’s fashion’s oldie but goodie the LBJ.

It’s versatile and extremely comfortable to withstand any dress, pant or jeans.

Yet It’s A Known Fact That Style Is All Around Us!

So Stay Tuned To Find Out Who The Next Set of Style Twins Will Be!

~ Brittany J.


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