Beaded Glory: Inside The World of Eco~Fab Bracelets!

There’s a flock of beads roaming around every bodies arm lately and I’m totally a fan. I’ve indulge into an oldie but goodie accessory that’s showcasing its colors from all over. Mainly it feels like a new pair of pumps you’ve waited so patiently to wear.

This is what accessories feel like but it’s all about dressing up your wrist the eco-fab way.

You can make a splash statement when your stacking bracelets based upon your outfit. To me stackable bracelets begs for the attention of on-lookers and they carry a sense of glamour that only the eye can agree on. Which dings a Must-Have in my court because let’s face it these dotted jewels are screaming WEAR US!

Lately I’ve noticed that if your not sparkling then your not shining and these bracelets will leave you shining all over. For some reason it’s not based on matching its all about mixing and layering. Adding a little razzle dazzle to your daily outfits is what beaded glory is all about.

But there’s one thing I must say: bracelets can add an extra something to anything and they always look great with simple features. Bracelets are a clear sign of personality and wearing anything remotely like these are pathways into your fashion point of view.

~Sydney Evan Sassy Bracelets~

Calling out beads and more beads, is the way to go in the jewelry business nowadays. You’ve probably noticed a big amount of jewelry designers creating their ideal pieces. Trust me this eco-fab trend is here to stay and I’m pleased to see how creative each one is. This famous accessory got all snazzy and was added along with some very spiritual charms.

Like for instance they’ve designed a brand of bracelets that will remind you of an old ancient Proverb. The Shamballa jewels/bracelets are truly one of kind if you saw them, then again I’ve seen many copies of them. Yet they give off a peaceful feeling.

There’s always a special meaning into wearing one of them just look at stars like Karl Lagerfeld, Bar Rafaeli, and Jay-Z. Wearing these high dollar fantasy bracelets, keeps your inner being whole and your outer being looking stylish. Instantly they caught my eye and for some reason I can’t stop thinking about them.

But there’s many bead lovers to mention so I must slide onto another fave designer. If your into wearing gold and silver lathered then a piece from Lisa Freede is your winner. Her jewelry spins into beaded metal fun. Plus her pieces carry a fondness for pop starlets like Katy Perry, Florence Welch and Rihanna. She’s debuted her jewelry all over the entertainment world.

Yet her pieces aren’t over the top in price, and her items are based on her skills as a stylist. So accessorizing is her thing and celebs adore her jewels. Plus I love the use of gems and beads she uses and you can never go wrong with her wrap-up bracelets.

Surely every beaded bracelet need some color and with Michelle Roy designs/jewels you’ll see just that. I came across her by the fabulous search engine Google and instantly fell in love with her Macrame beaded bracelets. These are the oh so famous ones with Swarovski Crystal disco balls. But her arm candy pieces became instant classics for Taylor Swift and Nicole Richie. And they should because she’s all about creatively expressing her designs through crystals, stones, and colors. Clearly she understands the world of beaded fun mixed with fair prices.

Get into the groove with Glam Rok a fun and in your face brand that’s featured on SadeeSays. These skull candy meets rock and roll pieces are so sassy. I love how trendy they look and how colorful and different they look.

They thrive on the idea to exposing your fun side but with a dash of art. And from the looks of it they truly are stackable art that can shake up any outfit.

Another cool accessory brand also on SadeeSays that doesn’t miss a beat is Gigi Chic. They’re bold with tribal and ancient period pieces. Gigi Chic use many influences when it comes to beads and their jewelry. Some of their pieces gives off entitlement and a sense of hipster gold.

As you may know the peace vibe runs deep within, so I focused my hippie roots into their Hippie Chic Sandalwood bracelets. This bracelet alone levels on being dainty and can go with anything. These fun bracelets come in many looks and they’re one hot accessory to wear.

Ever wanted a sleeve full of jewelry on? Well I found a brand that keeps on giving. Literally Lena Danielle pieces kept me off of my seat because of how amazing they look. The dazzling charms motivates me to buy.

These Oh so pretty bracelets have been the talk of the ATL and Hollywood. Many of the Housewives of Atlanta cast mates and the Braxton sisters love wearing them. So the world of Sleeve Jewelry expresses and show a level of divinity. Which made me want to rock at least four of them with my new Joie dress.

Her bracelets are the exact follow-up to another top-notch jewelry designer. Shining your arms up with Jewels by Dunn is really about enjoying life. It’s a well-known brand for the society of looking stylish everyday. I mean just look at style mavens Sofia Vergara and Jessica Alba, they proudly wear them.

The Jewels By Dunn designer Taryn Aronson created something so magical that’s reflected on our wrists. Simply stack them on and you’ll notice the amazing detail of colors, spiritual charms, and crystals she puts on each bracelet. Overall the Jewels by Dunn brand rocks the arms of even Justin Bieber and other well-known starlets. So their demonstration of love shows well within her pieces and I’m such a fan.

Which is why I had to talk about them and the others because I love them all.

Another real treat to add in your pool of accessories. Is the funness of Vanessa Mooneyaccessories and her declaration for boho chic. Her spunky jewels add a little funkiness with the classic bead. By adding wrap-ups and popping colors prove her designs is one of kind. I love the way each item from her collection represent something different and unpredictable.

The Fall 2011 collection of pieces show a whole new way to wear bonafide jewelry. They reflect a sense of the wind blowing, sky is warm and blue feeling which is all about being a free spirit.

So as you must know her lovely jewels has been seen on Katie Holmes, Vanessa Hudgens, and Hayden Panettiere. So you know her pieces can draw in anyone who digs chic detailed items.

I love wearing arm candy, and finding really amazing deals does go hand in hand. Which made think about some great places to find stackable bracelets for a reasonable price. I’m a sucker for Charming Charlie’s and their selections of accessories. There’s so many choices that you can stay in there for hours.

The highest bracelet I saw cost around $25, and they sale clothes too.

Also online shops like Bauble Bar and Stella & Dot works well within the budget when it comes to cute items.

It’s a big thrill to see so many Eco-fabulous pieces of jewelry, that’s about more then what you see. These semi-precious, intricate beaded jewels to me shine the most. Letting your creativity play while developing a brand of pieces we all love to wear means more. I’m very passionate for the future of eco-friendly items, and I love that it’s coming through in everything we wear.

 These jewels spoke to me in many ways because they’re all hand crafted designs that reflect my different levels of accessory personalities. Yet they all carry one thing and that’s the splash of disco crystals and dancing styles of textured colors and designs. Which is why I had to talk about the glory of these dazzling beads.

 ~Brittany J.


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