Picture Lust: Editorial Style With Magdalena Frackowiak For Vogue Mexico December 2011

It’s picture time and I’m trying something new with this feature. Which displays the beautiful side of fashion editorial from amazing magazines. I’ve featured tons of them on my Tumblr, and grew to love the photography and the expensive styles they show.

Often I’ll see them and adore the model’s poses, and the amazing backgrounds and how effortlessly the photos look. Clearly those unbelievable moments we see in these pics aren’t easy or effortless. From watching ANTM I’ve seen how ridiculous long it takes to come up with those amazing scenes

 But in this new feature the pictures is going to do all of the talking. Plus the styling for these photo shoots are truly phenomenal and the help from famous models help. But then again the end results is why I’ll be showcasing them.

So Enjoy! (Thanks)

Pink Puff Style!
The Golden Seat!
Chic & In The Zone!
Clever & Glamourous!
1970’s Overload!
Starlight ~ Stardust!

~Brittany J.


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