Picture Lust: Editorial Chic ~ Karlie Kloss For Numero #129 December/Jan Issue!

It’s Karlie Kloss in the ring of fire in this new editorial piece where fashion meets the twisted. This glossy rendition of sportswear mixed with color fantasy, clearly rocked in the photography arena.

Karlie’s the model you can’t stop noticing, because she’s everywhere and she truly knows how to excite the fashion houses. With this new cover shoot she’s letting out her Pyro side and giving us explosive photos along with amazing frocks.

Between the neon ropes, profile shots, and the orange hair appeared shockingly fun. So enjoy the tumble styles of Elizabeth Sulcer and it model Karlie Kloss and photographer Greg Kadel.

Enjoy! (Thanks)

 ~Brittany J.

Whip Hair Lash!
Sparkle Caged!
Feather Chic!
~Fashion Blocked~
Wind Fall Glam!
Neon Strike!
~The Fire Dance~

One Comment Add yours

  1. Crystal says:

    Numero magazine is always so stylish! Definitely liked this shoot. : )

    xx, Crystal

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