It’s A Stylish New Week: Featuring Five Chic Looks!

This Week: The trend I saw on the red carpets included the black outfits, the fabric of lace and the dynamics of bold colors!

It’s no shock to see so many LBD’s because of the season we’re in. But then there were the funky yet bold combinations of lace and polka dots. Finally the best of both worlds mixing colors and patterns played along well.

So Enjoy & Sorry For The Absent Weeks!

~ Brittany J.

Dressed In All D&G ~ The Dressy Color Mania Look: Paula Patton Looked Fabulous At The Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol Premiere In Rio De Janeiro.
Styled In All Nha Khanh ~ The Fancy Mini-Dress Look: Brooklyn Decker Stayed Chic With A Pop of Color At The Spike TV's Video Game Awards.
Head To Toe Alexander McQueen ~ A Power Packed Suit: Sandra Bullock Looked Stylish At The Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close Premiere In N.Y.C.
Shined In All Valentino ~ The Polka Dot Play Look: Chanel Iman Looked Amazing At The Belle and Clive Bash.
Casually Dressed In Black Denim & Leather Jacket ~ The Edgy Look: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Rocked It In This Outfit Leaving Heathrow Airport.

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