Fun Fashion Video: L.A.dy Dior Featuring Marion Cotillard!

So I watched this video from Dior last week, and laughed at how they made fun of photo shoots/behind the scenes falter.

The new stance in Dior clearly knows how to poke fun at the reality of fashion foreplay.

 The lovely actress/Dior queen Marion Cotillard knows took light of the situation until the very end of the video. Since we’re so in love with Dior handbags and their other goodies it’s interesting to see them laugh a little at the industry.

 The film takes on The No Means Yes Ride Through Rocky L.A. The over-the-top humorous short film, mixed with strike a pose slander left me laughing a little.

The director John Cameron Mitchell played on Hollywood stereotypes and created a clever fish bowl of what it might be like?

I loved the film and it’s out of this world satire and of course the fashion liners.

Here’s The Behind The Scenes Video!

Here’s The Actual L.A.dy Film!

 ~Brittany J.


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