Picture Lust: Editorial Glam ~ With Carola Remer For Vogue Germany January 2012 Issue!

Who knew the power of silk could catch the eye so quickly? Well I can vouch for that and say WOW! These pictures featured in next month Vogue Germany made me cringe with excitement. Of course the moving details of patterns flowed with elegance. It simply pinched me as real art with a dash of fashion.

Then again you can’t look at these pictures as ordinary, because look at them they leave you wanting more. Carola Remer really showed her skills in this feature and made a true statement.

This collection of pictures screamed SPRING INTO ACTION and I’m so looking forward to the 2012 spring frocks. Between the tumble of popping colors, fierce florals, and paisley seemingly created a surreal world. Once again the styling was on point and the photography climbed into fashion magic.

Enjoy! (Thanks)

~Brittany J.

~Psychedelic Mania~
~Paisley Dance~
~Punch-Drunk Florals~
~Fashion Hush~
~Choaked Style~

~Silk Mountain~
~Popped Out Fantasy~

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