Style Devotion: Holiday Vacation Meet Gift Ideas!

 I’ve been extremely tied up by the thought of Christmas being just a day away. Every year my family and I like to leave the traditional moments at the front door. Because having or doing the same thing every year gets boring.

This year it’s about breaking the mode and having Christmas be about style, relaxation, and mostly having loved ones around you. The potential idea of giving gifts comes from the hearts of family and friends. Personally I remember the little moments I use to share with my family up North when I was little. Now that I’m older taking a vacation and having my holiday time spent on enjoyment instead of stressing it works for me.

 I’m in no way knocking down the lovely Christmas specials or lavish lights hung up. And those fancy Christmas trees are always the eye of fantasy but I’m on the search for a different Christmas. Yes the love of Jesus Christ runs deep and the idea of parties always play an important role. But looking great for your holiday vacation goes further then you think. For instance this year you might visit family and if your not use to cold climate then these outfits might help. Another idea for your vacation could be going to holiday parties or visiting family up North or out of the country.

So Enjoy My Little Treats For Your Holiday/Christmas Season! Have A Merry Christmas & Look Great This Season : )

Hoilday Party: Gift Giving (Handbags) 
Holiday Vacay: Gift Giving (Sunglasses For Her & Him)
Northern Meet & Greet: Gift Giving (Bangles & Watches)

 Enjoy & Thanks!

Brittany J.


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  1. Loveeeeeeeeee the styles!! Look so lovely!!


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