It’s A Brand New Year: Here’s A Look Back At My Fave Looks of 2011!

2011 is finally closing it’s doors and handing us the keys to 2012 doors. I’m proud to display another collection of my favorite looks. I’m also pleased to share this to a growing viewership since I started my blog back in August of 2010. I’ve come across some amazing and un-amazing people this year but I’ve gained new fashion friends. I’m truly grateful for those who follow. But I’ve followed many fashion creators and adore what they do in the business. Rather it’s fashion writers, bloggers, owners, designers or buyers I’ve enjoyed communicating with them through social sites and will love to continue my journey through fashion. It’s been an interesting year of staying focus and when 2012 hits it’s going to be a new year of achieving.

Last year I showed this same post and I had no clue how important it would be. Yet it was and that’s why I’m bringing it back as an annual thing just like the fashion week trends. Over the year celebs style transformed a lot this year, some became mommies and some will become mothers. But there’s no guarantee what they may wear and that goes with the trends we see. This post is incredibly long but awesome in photos so enjoy.

Each look may take you back and some looks maybe your favorite as well. By the way just like last year I’ll be taking break until award season comes so have fun! So Kiss 2011 One Last Time With These Savvy Looks!

~Brittany J.

 Alexa Chung 2011: Style Was Quirky Meets Unpredictable

Loved The Bow-Tie Dress In The Second Picture (Very Original) Amanda Seyfried 2011: Style Played With Abstract Prints Meets Her Playful Side

Loved The Third Picture (The Prabal Gurung Dress Was Funky) Amy Adams 2011 Style: Stayed Conservative Chic Meets Red Carpet Starlet

Loved The Last Picture Dress (Pink Jenny Packham Gown)Angelina Jolie 2011 Style Jumped Into Glamorous Gowns Mixed With Draped Luxe

Loved The Blue Dress With The Sheer Cut-Out Shoulder In The Third Picture!Anne Hathaway 2011 Style: Didn’t Change A Lot From 2010 She Stayed Chic & Elegant

Loved the Armani Prive 2011 Golden Globe Dress In The Third Picture!Ashley Greene 2011 Style Was Bold With Color & Edgy

Loved The First Look From Michael Kors (Hot Pink Dress Was Fun)Ashley Olsen 2011 Style Remained Uptown Chic Meets Designer Vintage

Loved The Third Picture The Casual Look & Scarf (Such A Cute Outfit)!Mary-Kate Olsen 2011 Style Was Boho Meets Fifth Ave Chic

Loved The Wildly Red Gown In The First Pic (A Bold Color At The Met Gala)Beyonce 2011 Style Started Off Hip-Hop Glam But Transformed Into Pregnant Chic Mode

Loved The VMA’s Orange Gown In The Third Pic Plus She Debuted A Big SurpriseBlake Lively 2011 Style Stayed Fashion’s Muse Like In 2010 But She Had Fun Meets Spunky Factor

Loved The Feathery Orange Dress In The Second Picture It Was Funky But Sassy!Cameron Diaz 2011 Style Changed A Little In 2010 She Looked Simplicity Fab

Loved The Last Picture Those White Jeans Looked Effortless & Delicate To Wear!Camilla Belle 2011 Style Stepped Up A Few Notches From 2010 She’s All About The Glamour Meeting Designer Pieces

Loved The Gucci Dress In the Second Picture It Oozed Elegance!Carrie Underwood 2011 Style Stayed Sparkly Just Like In 2010 She’s More Country Chic Now Meets Shimmer

Loved The Second Picture The Dress & It’s Details Looked Amazing!Chanel Iman 2011 Style Was Filled With Fine Lines & Bold Accessories

Loved The Red Dress In The Fourth Picture (It’s A Chic Dress With Exposing Too Much)Charlize Theron 2011 Style Was All About Sophistication Meets Perfection

Loved The Accessories In the Second & Third Pics The Blazer & Scarf Are Fashion StaplesDemi Moore 2011 Style Stayed Adoring Like In 2010 She Looked Timeless

Loved The First Pic The Blue Dress Styled With The Side Ponytail Went WelDiane Kruger 2011 Style Was Filled With Fashion Surprises Yet She Stayed Sharp

Loved The Jason Wu Dress In The Third Pic It Looks Like A Vixen Would Wear ItElle Fanning 2011 Style Was Bubblegum Chic Meets Retro

Loved Chanel Outfit In The First Pic It’s A Classic Look Emily Blunt 2011 Style Was Very Of The Moment & Danity

Loved Dress In The First Pic A Bold Dress Plus The Details Looked GreatEmma Roberts 2011 Style Was Simply Cute & Frilly

Loved The Electric Green Dress & Blue Atwood Pumps In The Third Pic (Very Fun OutfitEmma Stone 2011 Style Was Daring & Couture Driven

Loved The Combo of The Second & Fourth Pic Looks (From Lanvin & Giambattista Valli)  Emma Watson 2011 Style Was Dressy Chic Meets Designer Frocks

Loved All of Emma Watson Looks This Year Except The Brown Sack Gown (You Know That One: )Emmy Rossum 2011 Style Stayed Stylishly Glam Meets Bold Details

Loved The First Pic Featuring The Gold Skirt From Elie Tahari (Savvy Look)Eva Mendes 2011 Style Played With Shape & Elegant Colors

Loved The Stella McCartney Blue Gown In The First Pic (Uber GlamEvan Rachel Wood 2011 Style Was Played With Androgyny Meet Solid Colors

Loved The White Suit Mixed With The Cap-Toe Pumps In The Fourth PicFergie 2011 Style Was Funky With A Lot of Edge

Loved The Star Printed D&G Dress In Second Pic (I Adore The Stars Looks From D&G) Freida Pinto 2011 Style Was Bright & Elegantly Traditional

Loved The First Pic Featuring The Fuchsia Gown With Gold Details (Divine Gown)Gabrielle Union 2011 Style Stayed Printed Perfect & Chic

Loved The Christian Siriano Mini Version of The Dress In The Fourth Pic (Cute Dress)Gwen Stefani 2011 Style Was Completely Original & Bold

Loved The Gown In The Third Pic From L.A.M.B. It’s Amazing GownGwyneth Paltrow 2011 Style Stayed Savvy & Relevant Like In 2010 But She Shimmered & Stayed Simplistic

Loved The Elie Saab Green Gown In The Second Pic (Amazing Color & It’s Sparkly)Hailee Steinfeld 2011 Style Dainty & Miu Miu Cute

Loved Geometric Black/White & A Dash of Yellow Dress In The Fourth Pic (Splash of Color Wins All The Time Halle Berry 2011 Style Moved Up Compared To 2010 She’s Still Edgy But With A Pinch of Softness This Year

Loved The Fourth Pic The Red Elie Saab Gown Stood Out Among Other LookHeidi Klum 2011 Style Shocked Us In 2010 But She’s Stayed Shockingly Strong With Her Looks

Loved The Popping Red Suit (It’s A Bold & Beyond SuitHilary Duff 2011 Style Was Freshly Neutral Until She Transformed Into Mommy Mode

Loved Her All of Her Looks This Year & Her Mommy Looks Are Maternity ChicJennifer Aniston 2011 Style Stayed Sophisticated Like In 2010

But Now With A Twist She’s A Little Daring!

Loved The Black Sequin Mini Dress At The Horrible Bosses Premiere In The Third PicJennifer Hudson 2011 Style Was Lift Off Into Fitted & Bold Looks

Loved How Much She Transformed & How Amazing She Looks In These Designer OutfitsJennifer Lopez 2011 Style Was Luxurious Fitted In 2010 & Now It’s Luxury Meets 1970’s Glam

Loved The Yellow Trench Coat & White Flare Pants In The Third PicJessica Alba 2011 Style Stayed Trendy In 2010 But In 2011She Became A New Mom So Her Style Kept Trendy Meets Boldness Chic

Loved The Scarves & Jackets She Wore In This Year!Jessica Biel 2011 Style Was Filled With Flowing Gowns & Soft Designs

Loved The Giambattista Valli Gown In The Third Pic It’s A Lovely Look! Jessica Chastain 2011 Style Had The Help & The Style Gods Cheering For Joy

Her Structured Dresses Made A Statement This Year!

Loved The Purple Gown She Wore With Those Turquoise Earrings In the First Pi Jessica Simpson 2011 Style Was On Watch With Her Love For Big Birkin Bags & Oversize Tops

But She’s On Mommy Watch With Her Lastest Looks!

Loved The Last Look In The Fourth Pic She Radiate Chic With That Floppy Hat!Kate Bosworth 2011 Style Had A Tumble Effect With Burberry & She Looked Sassy In All of The Looks

 Loved The Two Burberry Looks In The First & Third PicKate Hudson 2011 Style Shined With A New Baby & A Love For Hippie Fab Gowns

Loved The Yellow Versace Gown She Wore (It’s A Sweet & Savvy Dress)Kate Middleton 2011 Style Rose To Duchess Status & McQueen Infused Looks

Loved Pastel Jenny Packham Gown In Third Pic It’s One of Few That Wasn’t McQueen Inspired!Pippa Middleton 2011 Style Was Stylish At Every Level & She Made Us Want Boots

Loved All of Her Looks This Year So I Can’t Pick One (Loved The Bridesmaid Dress)Kate Moss 2011 Style Stayed Glam Rock & Meets Model Of The Year

Loved The Fourth Pic Casual Outfit (It’s A Chic Motorcycle Look) Kate Winslet 2011 Style Was All About Fit & Looking At Ease

Loved The Polka-Dot Inspired Stella McCartney Dress In The First PicKatie Holmes 2011 Style Was Extremely All Over the Place But She Did Enjoy Her Booties

Loved The First Pic This Look Was Really Fab & The Leopard Purse Was A Fun Token!Katy Perry 2011 Style Was Super Fun, &  Full of Character

Soon She’ll Laugh At The Media After This Year & Pull Out More Funky Looks!Kelly Rowland 2011 Style Shook The X Factor Into Chic Mode

Loved The Second Pic From The VMA’s Gold & Black Dress (It Was A Rocking Dress)Kerry Washington 2011 Style Was Full of Elegance Meets Cleverness

Loved The First Pic From The BET Awards That Yellow Dress Was Ideal To Wear!

Khloe Kardashian 2011 Style Was In Your Face Glam Meets Leopard Luxe

Loved The Fourth Pic With Her As A Red Head & The Leopard Dress Had A Miami Vibe!Kim Kardashian 2011 Style Was All About Looking Glamourous Meets Mainstream Media

Loved All of Her Looks This Year But In 2012 Hoping She’ll Take A Break From The Media!Kourtney Kardashian 2011 Style Was Sassy & Edgy With A Dash of Softness

Loved The Second Pic Look ~That Celine Handbag & Outfit Was Very Chic!Kirsten Dunst 2011 Style Was A Little Retro Meets Chanel

Loved The D&G Dress In The First Pic & The Marigold Dress In The Fourth PicKristen Stewart 2011 Style: Was Danger Glam With A Side of Fun

Loved The Red Balmain Dress In The First Pic At The 2011 MTV Movie Awards (Rocker Chic)Lady Gaga 2011 Style Was Costume Diva Meets Edge Of Glory

Loved The Versace Look In The First Pic She Looked Amazing Unlike Her Other LooksLeAnn Rimes 2011 Style Declared The California Beaches With Her Look & Exposed Her Funkier Side

Loved The Third Look The Blue Scarf & Boots Were Fashion Must-Haves! Mary J.Blige 2011 Style Was R&B Fab Among The Stage & She Rocked It Well

Loved The Gucci Gown In The Second Pic (A Strong Statement Gown To Wear) Michelle Williams 2011 Style Was Dainty & Delicately Sweet

Loved How Her Style Remained The Same From 2010 (Cute Gowns)Mila Kunis 2011 Style Stayed Away From The Mysterious & Welcomed A New Attitude

Loved The Red Alexander McQueen Gown In The First Pic From The S.A.G AwardsMiranda Kerr 2011 Style Was Uber Trendy No Secret There & Savvy

Loved Everything She Wore Over The Year She Adore Tasteful Looks!Nicole Richie 2011 Style Stayed Hippie Fun Meets Pattern Fancy

Loved The Floral Gowns & House of Harlow Jewelry She’s Worn (Great Accessories)Olivia Palermo 2011 Style Stayed Unbelievably Trendy & Chic

Loved Everything She’s Worn Over The Months Including Her Fashion Week Looks!Olivia Wilde 2011 Style Was Indeed Wild But Interesting

Loved How The Red Design Dress In The Third Pic Look (It’s Eye Popping)Paula Patton 2011 Style Was Supreme & Sharp Mixed With Gorgeousness

Loved The Emilio Pucci Dress In The Third Pic (The Dress Has Depth)Rachel Bilson 2011 Style Was Chic Meets The Trend Factor

Loved All Of Her On Trend Outfits From This Year! Rachel McAdams 2011 Style Was Artsy & Stylish

Loved The Statement Red Gown In the First Pic (Truly One Ideal Gown To Wear)Rachel Zoe 2011 Style Popped With Acessories & A Banging New Brand

Loved The Way She Layered Her Pieces To Work With Every Outfit!Rihanna 2011 Style Was Urban Edgy Meets Rock/Roll

Loved The Fiery Red Hair Turned Ombre Hair & Her Outfits Were Above Anyone This Year!Rosie Huntington Whiteley 2011 Style Rocked Every Look As A Daring/Model Muse

Loved The Leopard Dress In the Second Pic & The Gowns She Wore Looked Fabulous!Sarah Jessica Parker (SJP) 2011 Style Was Funky & Wildly Bold

Loved The Prabal Gurung Dress In The First Pic (Love The Purple Splash Detail) Scarlett Johannsson 2011 Style Was Beyond Fitted Yet Flowy With A Pinch of Sassy

Loved The Ruffled Short Dress In Third Pic (It’s Very Artsy Looking)Selena Gomez 2011 Style Kept It’s Glamourize Mixed With Eye-Catching Details

Loved The Black Cut-Out Gown In The First Pic (It’s A Sultry Dress Without Going Overboard)Sienna Miller 2011 Style Ideal To Try So When 2012 Wonder What She’ll Wear!

Loved Every Look She Pulled Out This Year Except A Few Dresses!Sofia Vergara 2011 Style Stayed Sultry With V-Neck Chic

Loved The First Pic Featured The Silver Sparkler (A Flattering Gown)Taraji P. Henson 2011 Style Was Solid, Fabulous & On Point

Loved The Red Dress In The First Pic (It’s One Color That Always Look Great)Vanessa Hudgens 2011 Style Stayed Gypsy Luxe But Grew Into Hippie Queen

Loved How Free-Spirit Her Style Choices Are & Consider Her BohoTastic!Victoria Beckham 2011 Style Stayed Tailored Except For Little Harper

But She Went Back To Classic Pieces & Ruled In The Minimal Department!  Viola Davis 2011 Style Was Oh So Bold & Tres Chic

Loved The Use of Drapery & Jewel Tone Gowns~ She’s Going To Be A Force In 2012!Zoe Saldana 2011 Style Rocked In The Funky Prints & Stayed Fashion Fab

Loved Anything She Wore On The Red Carpet The Red & White Gown Was Amazing)Taylor Swift 2011 Style Stayed Sassy Yet Classic With A Dash of Sparkles

Loved The New Bangs & The Fairytale Gowns She Wore This Year!



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