It’s A Stylish New Year: Here’s Look Back At The Hottest Trends of 2011

This year it’s been a wide range of trends and looks that might flow into 2012 or they might not. I’ve enjoyed watching them and posting them on my blogs over the months. I’ve adored the statement purses and layered looks, but I’ve really enjoyed the growth of fashion throughout the year.

I know I’ve tried some of these trends and thought how I could turn these trends around with my wardrobe. By the way just like last year I’ll be taking break until award season comes so have fun!

These Trends Were All Over The Place So For One Last Time Kiss 2011 Trends Goodbye Or Wave At Them Again In 2012 Because They Might Show Up!

Floppy Hats Ruled Our Heads In 2011

Sheer Blouses/Dresses Was Worn As A Trend In 2011

Maxi Skirts Played In The Wind As A Trend 2011

 Tassel Earrings Chimed In As A Trend In 2011

 Envelope Clutches Gave Us A Trendy Note In 2011

 Maxi Dresses Gave Us Style & Comfort In 2011

 Suede Ankle Booties Showed Us A New Way To Wear A Boot In 2011

 ~Brittany J.


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