Designer Highlights: The Fashionable Accessory Maven Rebecca Minkoff

It’s that time again where I showcase another fab designer: This time it’s Rebecca Minkoff. The one woman fashion maven is getting honored this month. I’m sure you’ve seen her handbags and accessories laying around websites and major retail stores.

Well I’ve seen them all over and admired the craftsmanship of her handbags and accessories. The brand itself is full of must-haves and every fashion season she’s rocking the runway with a dare. Meaning her looks are always winners during the fashion weeks. I enjoy talking about different designers every other month, because it’s a distinctive outlet. Basically there’s always new designers popping up here and there. So when I find one with a great background I usually will deem them as a designer spotlight. But I’m always talking about designers so there’s no easy way to talk about one without mentioning them all. Which will come next month, because our Superbowl is Fashion week. It goes on without any halftime breaks yet there’s no cleats just heels.

With her launch in 2005 she’s made a name for herself. But she’s made a spash in the celeb department as well. Many pop on her items while looking chic like, Ashley Greene, Alexa Chung, Halle Berry and Rachel Bilson. Everyone loves anything she debuts rather it’s a clutch or a satchel we’re obsessed. Every collection is full of promising designs, and they appeal to any girl on the move. I’ve seen the cross-body bags and was overly amazed by them. Across from her astonishing accessories come the apparel and her designs are always on point.

  I’ve been a huge Minkette fan since 2009 over the years, I found her items modern and worth buying. Plus her items are so original which is rare, but to come up with interesting looks every year screams A+ in my book.

Among from her skills and edgy designs, there’s also a softness within her collections. As a girl who loves some edge, she mixes that plus fun colors along with details. Recently her Spring/Summer 2012 collection caught my attention, because of the creative designs.

 I’m actually excited to see what’s next for her brand. Since she became a mommy late last year, she might create handbags for moms on the go. Who knows right, but all I can say is she’s a great force in the world of fashion.

Enjoy This Fab Video From The S/S 2012 Runway Show!

~Brittany J.



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