Picture Lust: Editorial Shock ~ Featured In Dep Magazine February Cover “Before Nightfall”

Explore the fantasy of fashion with these exotic pictures. It’s boho nymphs meet editorial and it instantly pinched me with such vivid colors. I’m not a natureaholic by no means, but the make-up and hair styled with the dazzling trees works for some reason.

This debut of picture lust I wanted to showcase the whimsical side of fashion. Plus these pictures introduce the dazzling world of what editorials are all about. The dream state within these visuals truly screams Grimm Brother stories but the fashion version. I must give to stylist Mia Morgan for demanding a grand view collection of garments.

With the stunning Diana Ross hair and delicate make-up palette fitted the theme very well. I love the vibe this collection of pics give when your starring at them. Before Nightfall is one of those editorials that shines all year round.

Enjoy & Thanks!

~Brittany J.

Face The Jewels!
~Red Deluxe~

~Red Dawn~
Dream Trees

~Orange Dust~

Whimiscal Pop!
The Color Ghost!
Pastel & Dazed!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. The bestest pics ever (except for the rest of you bloggers LOL 🙂 In Style With Stylebabe
    Brittany J

  2. So gorgeous hun! i love this collection soooooooo beautiful!! following ya on bloglovin as well now 😉

    xoxo hanz

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