It’s A Glamorous New Week: Presenting Five Awesome Looks!

 The rooftops are screaming because it’s February. It’s a month that has a lot going on like Black History Month, Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2012, Superbowl and Valentine’s Day. All important dates with some very important moments. If your excited for this month like me then do me a favor and enjoy what this month offers. Like bake some sweets, wear Versace real or not, throw a football or celebrate our ancestor history. Also it’s a leap year so there’s 29 days in this month who knew right.

Let me introduce to you my fave looks this week. It’s the first weekend of this month so what’s trending right now is Glam Meets Flowing. Meaning there’s a lot of glammed up flowing gowns/skirts. I’m a sucker for gowns and skirts with motion. You’ll notice seasonal colors and exploding prints from these popular celebs.

 So Enjoy This Week Desirable Garments!

~Brittany J.

Danced In D&G Leopard Prints ~ It's A Cat-Print Look: Mary J. Blige Rocked In Purple Prints At The Taping of The Wendy Williams Show In N.Y.C.
Dressed In Givenchy ~ The Designer Inspire Us Look: Rooney Mara Loves Her Some Givenchy Which Works Well At The Japan Premiere of Girl With A Dragon Tattoo
Head To Toe Peter Som ~ The Floral Meets Casual Look: Rachel McAdams Swept Us Away With Flowers At The Journey 2 Premiere In L.A.
Jazzed Up In A Blue Maxi Skirt & White Tank ~ The Casual Yet Chic Look: Kim Kardashian Looked Great At The Miami Airport
Dressed In A Maria Lucia Hohan Gown ~ The Gorgeous Gown Look: Vanessa Hudgens Truly Shines In This At The Journey 2 Premiere In L.A.

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  1. I’m total sucker for gowns and maxi dresses so you can imagine how love this :))

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