Go Wild With Your Style: Have An Affair The Tribal Way!

 Invade those closets with what I’ll call a tribal love affair. Introduce your favorite things to a another comeback trend. Try on those African prints, delve those shelves with Aztec styles and spring those hangers with mysterious colors. Because there’s a wilderness of looks to try on and this one guarantees you safety from those spiteful fashion critics. For some reason I’ve been drawn to the printed lover we call Tribal and wanted to showcase it as a honest trend to take hold of. Not to leave out the other prints that graced our runways last year. There’s something fresh and exciting regarding the way these prints played along the catwalk. With a trend like this one, you have to look at the options and see if it’s worth adding.

House of Harlow Antiqued Gold Totem Pole Earrings
GlamRok Tribal Beaded Bracelets

I know within my wardrobe I’m craving something spring like, because these dark color frocks aren’t cutting it in the mood department. I’m a positive soul which means I need something to match that and so far I think prints like these definitely does the part. Only because of the geometric shapes and designs displayed throughout each item. If it’s a shirt, skirt, dress or handbag its full of tribal symbolism. But you have to wonder about the use of it. Meaning how much tribal induced items could you possible try? Well that’s based on how much love you have for prints. To tone down your Native look try adding solid colors. But when it comes to the accessories add as much as possible. Bracelets, earrings and rings are great when you have a tribal skirt on or dress. To make sure your down the tribal alley look for triangles, diamond shapes and zig zag angles. Another cool way to spot these wild life prints is by including feathers and beaded items. Since this trend occurred there’s many ways to rock it. Yet my favorite ways come from some of these celebs, like Rihanna, Gwen Stefani, Kim K., and Kristin Cavallari. Incorporating Aztec or Native American pieces could also work for your benefit this season. Many designers lived for these ancient styles as there inspiration for Spring and Summer. Like the lovely Nicole Miller, Donna Karan, BCBG, and Michael Kors all survival collections yet in good taste. Which gave me a few ideas of my own when it came to my frocks. I’m in no way ready to rack up these tribal looks just yet. Because I’m still gathering them up, my goodness racking up any trend becomes a sport.Indeed any fashion trend, shopping trip, or fashion show becomes a stylish sporting event. Requiring you to look great and feel worthy. But if you go tribal you’ll feel that plus you might suggest others to join in. Which is always a good thing, as this trend rings in the wolf pack of onlookers. You’ll ring in a love affair that will make stylists want what your wearing.

~Brittany J.


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