The Shock Factor: It’s The 54th Grammy Awards Moments & Looks!

Last night was the 54th Grammy Awards filled with some shocking but mournful moments.

Personally I was still in shock over the announcement of Whitney Houston passing. I must include the feelings I felt when I heard of her sudden death. It left me in tears and I played her music all night. Of course there were many of us feeling the same way, it hits down in the heart when such a Talent leaves abruptly. But it’s even harder to let go of these feelings when there’s so little information regarding her death. I’ve been a fan of Whitney’s music and movies for years, as a 1990’s baby that’s what I was drawn to. Everything about her voice and songs still send shivers after all of these years.  

I’m feeling like music is slowly dying right in front of us. From Michael Jackson to Amy Winehouse to her. Don’t get me wrong I adore some of the artists we have today. It’s just annoying to hear the same repetitive beats, and simple lyrics from the artists we have today. That unexpected moment from Saturday shook me and others. But the Grammy’s did a great job with the tribute, and Jennifer Hudson did a superb job I think. A lot of performers mostly the regulars stomped the stage last night. From Taylor Swift, Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry and Rihanna. But Chris Brown, Bruno Mars and Coldplay, and Alicia Keys did a cool job. But I have a little confession to make I was watching multiple things last night. From Animation Domination on Fox to the BAFTA awards to watching RHOA on Bravo. I know I was watching bits of everything, but to be honest I got bored with the Grammy’s and how hard LL Cool J was trying as a host. I watched the important moments but their were a lot of stuff on Sunday night.But I was pleased with Adele performance the most, because she received a standing ovation. The entire Staples center stood up which meant something spectacular. Plus she won six Grammy awards and wore a stunning dress with signature Polk-dots for her performance. Well done to all of the winners and sad to say to the losers at least you were nominated.

The Fashions At This Year’s Grammy Award Show! Enjoy

My Style Favorites: Katy Perry, Rihanna, Fergie, Adele and Corinne Bailey Rae 

Sizzled In Black Slit Dresses ~ Rihanna ~ Joy Williams ~ Model Christine Teigen ~ Sarah Dodds & Shauna Dodds

(These Looks Showed Their Split Personalities In The Style Department)Interesting Black Frocks ~ Julianne Hough ~ Cyndi Lauper ~ Lykke Li ~ Linda Chorney

(These Looks Were Different But Classic)The Stylish Long Black Gowns ~ Adele ~ Gwyneth Paltrow ~ Mika Newton ~ Shawna Thompson

(These Looks Were Flattering & Long So Perfect To Wear)Glamorous Little Black Dresses ~ Corinne Bailey Rae ~ Alicia Keys ~ Giuliana Rancic ~ Rebecca Black

(These Looks Screamed Wear Us Such Stylish LBD)Golden Star Dust Gowns ~ Kathy Griffin ~ Miranda Lambert ~ Kelly Rowland ~ Taylor Swift

(Grammy Gold Looks Was Approved For The Night)Disco Dark Shimmering Looks ~ Jessie J. ~ Nancy O’Dell ~ Gayle King

(Shimmered In A Little Mystery Color Played Strong) Splash In A Little Plum & Pink Gowns ~ Hillary Scott ~ Kelly Price ~ Taraji P. Henson

(Dashes of Sweet Colors Were Needed At This Event)Dazzle In Ivory & Pastel Dresses ~ Paris Hilton ~ Janina Gavankar ~ Malin Akerman ~ Alison Krauss

(This Pinch of Color Graced The Red Carpet Well)The Lady Like Gowns ~ Katy Perry & Carrie Underwood

(These Superb Gowns Was Indeed Elegant On The Red Carpet)Frosted Gowns Galore ~ Joyce DiDonato ~ Jane Seymour ~ Kelly Osbourne ~ Ledisi

(These Lovely Looks Gave Us The Frosted Style)Colorize Meets Whoa Looks! ~ Fergie ~ Bonnie Mckee ~ Model Mayra Veronica ~ Nicki Minaj

These Were The Looks That Got Us Saying Wow What Is She Wearing? A Little Color/Printed Glam Explosion ~ Model Amber Rose ~ Model Lily Aldrige ~ Model Nina Senicar ~ Deana Carter

(These Ladies Sparkled In Brights & Had Fun With Prints)  Lastly The Cutest Grammy Couples:

~ Brittany J.


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  1. totally agree sweetie!! its so sad iwas in total shock and such legends are passing away and thats scary :(( i hope we have some legends like them come around and your right, the music nowadays sounds very similar! :((

    love whitney always.

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