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  1. hey sweetie! already follow you on facebook sweetie :)) what a adorable giveaway! firstly i adore coach!! i have my own lil collection of them 😀 the main reason i would love to win this becoz its so very cute, PINK PINK with the LOVE HEARTS!!! Im the biggest lover for Pink so it would so go with my favorite pink dress that i got recently :)) Hope to win!

    love hanz
    email: fashionistaera@yahoo.com

  2. Rena says:

    Oh my!! I absolutely LOVE Coach!! And my favorite colors are pink and purple. If I were to win this, it would match every outfit I have in my closet!! ❤ 🙂

    1. stylebaby105 says:

      Hi RENA YOUR THE WINNER : ) CONGRATS Fashion Doll!
      I’m Annoncing You Soon SO Hopefully This Makes Your Day Better!
      Email Me: stylebaby105@live With Your Address and info!

      1. Rena says:

        Thank you, darling!! I was having a bad day and this totally turned everything around! Thanks again, lovely! I shall email you now.

  3. I follow you on twitter @aes529. I would love to win this gorgeous wristlet bc I dont own one and Coach is my favorite! Thank you for the chance!

  4. Mikhail says:

    Okay, I can’t lie…I really don’t know much about this kind of stuff other than the fact that my girlfriend/fiance pretty much love everything about fashion and beauty items. I’d really like to win this for her and I’m pretty sure she’d be a really happy girl if I did. Thanks for the opportunity! Your friend, Mikhail.

    Oh yea, following on Twitter @Mikhaillup ….yes, I will get made fun of for this. 😛

  5. Khoi Nguyen says:

    I would love to win this because I never own a brand name purse and I never win any giveaway! Anyway, I think that this little wristlet is really cute and fashionable yet it can be worn with casual clothes.

  6. Deine says:

    You are my hero! Love this giveaway and would love to win, too! Fingers and toes crossed!

    Following on Twitter: @DeineKable

  7. Liberty says:

    I’m a brand spankin’ new Twitter follower (@LibertyBelle22)!

    This is quite possibly the coolest giveaway ever! I am so in love with Coach and this wristlet is to die for! Love the pink, red, and purple coloring–would be perfect to keep all your credit cards, I.D., and cash in for a *carefree* night out on the town…no worries about leaving your purse behind when this baby is strapped to your wrist! SWOON!

  8. Patti L says:

    Hi, I follow you on twitter! @leblancpatti I would love to win this because it is adorable and also, well, who doesn’t love Coach right?

  9. Maria says:

    OOOHHH! Count me in, Lady!!! Great minds think alike–Coach is a fave of mine!

    Twitter handle is @MariaV90210

  10. May says:

    I would love to win this cause I totally need something to carry my make up with me!

  11. jodi nicole says:

    i would love to win it because its a gorgeous bag! thanks

  12. Katelyn Z says:


    I’d love to win this adorable Coach bag because I’m tired of rifling through my gigantic purse, looking like an insane person, when all I really need to have is my debit card, iPhone, and keys!


  13. Chelsea says:

    Hi! I love Coach, but I’ve never had the chance to own a Coach bag. I think the bag is really cute, and I’ve been looking for a purse recently, too. My old handbag is worn out, and I would love to win this one!

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