Create A Scarf Frenzy: Wrap Around Ash&Dans Newest Scarves!

 Spring’s leaping on through and it’s bringing us something new to the mix. Yes there’s a trendy little friend that’s always here to stay the legendary scarf. But this time around it’s been revamped as the must have fashion accessory this season. There’s a funky yet flirty new way to wear this loveable look. I can give you a few hints to why it’s necessary to wear such distinctive garments without feeling overloaded. The way this brand works is for your benefit to look chic not cheap.

I can’t stress how important it is to wear scarves, their so easy to throw on and they’re fun to collect. I own a great amount of scarves, and would own more if I wasn’t living in Florida.Which is why I’m introducing ash&dans and their collection of uber wearable accessories. They’re giving scarves a new lease on life with their sassy details. One thing I adore most about scarves is the way you look and feel once your wearing one. Since it’s practically cold everywhere any scarf can come in handy. So why not throw in something cute into your wardrobe, and splurge a little. Meaning create a little fashion frenzy and become the real attention grabber you was meant to be. The fab duo Ashley Cook and Danielle Dankner thought on the same fashion wavelengths. Being college roommates gave them the ability to mix friendship with a lot of style. And created a combo of chic meets classic accessories. They’re vital mission is to keep everything simple surely paid off.

~ Stephanie Gold Chain Infinity In Denim Blue & Black ~

Their choice of mixing lightweight jersey blends was their starting point into the fashion world. Ash & dans accessories can become prominent fashion staples to any outfit. Since creating the savvy brand their concept for keeping scarves tasteful, steams from adding intricate details. In their latest collection of scarves it’s all about popping colors, dancing chains/trim and a dash of prints.

Thelma Leopard Wrap Scarf & Francesca Ethnic Trim Scarf
Cutout Wrap In Neon Yellow ~ Orange ~ Pink & Camel
Silver Bead Trim Infinity Scarf & Neon Green Tassel Trim Jersey Infinity Scarf
~Gold Chain Braid Infinity Scarf In Taupe & Black~

Because you’ll be sporting something no one will be wearing unless… Well if you ever wanted to feel or look a little celebish. It’s like getting your celeb outfit fix. You need to see what they’re wearing at all times. I’m a victim of this little thing, because I’m always looking up what they’re wearing. Owning any piece of item that a celeb wore can be beneficial. Which is why I’m introducing one dominate scarf wearer, who knows how to add them to her outfits the right way. The lovely Jessica Alba is the one celeb closet we all want to invade. Only because she wears the cutest things and each item looks perfect. No matter what she wears it never looks bad which is amazing. She love scarves so much that she wore ash&dans famous scarf the Natalia Basic Infinity in Camel. That scarf along with the infamous polka-dot sweater made a fashion frenzy indeed. But there’s a wide range of celebs spotted wearing these adoring scarves. Like Zoe Saldana, Vanessa Hudgens, and Leighton Meester just to name a few. Also their jersey luxe scarves been featured in two well-known magazines like this month’s Nylon and next month InStyle magazine. With Spring wishfully making it’s way through our wardrobe. You may want to include at least one stepping stone accessory could be a scarf or some layered bangles. Just make sure your creating a little fashion frenzy!

 ~ Brittany J.


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