Picture Lust: Editorial Sweet ~ Featuring Mila Kunis Goes Carousel Style For Harper’s Bazaar April 2012 Issue

 Well I’m back with another interesting picture lust. Indeed last month just didn’t cut it in the editorial world so I didn’t post any. But this month includes April Spring fashion covers, which will show a zen of colors and major looks.

Which goes to show the importance of this month I’m sure their will be a ton of glossy pics to Lust over. Here we have Mila Kunis teaming up with her fave fashion photographer Terry Richardson again. If you can recall last year cover of GQ he famously gave Mila a iced coffee and something else which sold a lot of copies.

Now Harper’s Bazaar went in on the incident and added some Glamour to the mix. But with this editorial they rolled the Louis Vuitton carousel which Marc Jacobs did so well, and remixed it with a sweeter effect from the S/S 2012 collection. Of course stylist Julia Von Boehm didn’t forget to add designer frocks like Roberto Cavalli, McQueen, D&G and Dior.

The entire lay out screamed Carnival Chic with a side of Lolita. She’s having fun and giving us what the season is all about. I’m glad this featurette came because it’s fun and sassy. The mixture of balloons, and bubble gum pop style surely halts winter at the front door. Which is why I had to show this plus these pics brings me back. To when carousels ruled our enjoyment when we were young.

So Enjoy & Thanks!

~Brittany J.

~Golden Cavalli Play~
~Balloon Trance~
~Horsing Around The Chic Way~
~Swing Into Spring & Summer~
~Cotton Candy Chic~
~Carousel Elegant~
~Bubble Glam Pop~

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