I Heart These Fashion Goodies: Step Inside The Trends R Us World!

Recently I’ve stepped into what you’ll call a candy store with every accessory you could dream of having. Yes Trends R Us instantly grabbed me in through Twitter space, with one major collection of items. Introducing their renewed rendition of a bracelet. Yet there’s one thing to add Buddha charms and skullicious trinkets to the mix. If your a fan pretty skulls and funky pieces like I then you’ll indeed halt at the front door with House of Rox delightful arm candies.With favorable creators Vanessa Forman & Lisa Zampolin giving the site it’s charm. The fab duo created a savvy outlook on how we should wear pieces. That reflects our sense of fun meets glam attitude. Boutiques adore them for the simple fact it’s wearable and stylishly different. Plus you can’t beat the unique way they design their collections. With famous arms like the Kardashians, Vanessa Hudgens and even Miley Cyrus They’re fab jewels been on some rocking arms lately. But they stay true their esthetic which is key right now in any accessory company. I wrote about eco fab bracelets last year and wish I added this duo to my list. But now I can plus I wanted to tell my readers why they reign supreme in a world filled with other arm candies. Next up in their mixture of jewel divinity comes their necklaces. Which storms the necks of famous starlets Taylor Swift and Lauren Conrad keeping us trendy with their latest charms. Anywhere from monogram necklaces, some with stars to round pave each symbol/charm flattering to any personality. With major celeb flavors rocking these eclectic necklaces. The assortment of styles really tops in the eccentric department. Their overwhelming display of selections will make up for the fact that you’ll look chic without going overboard in price. Overall their well known style of adding crosses and arrows truly shines. But I think one of my fave charms that they use are the Love Script and Prave Cross bracelets. Those bracelets are perfect with any outfit. They keep the trends coming with their wide range of hair accessories, belts, kids items, scarves and even party favors.

 I Heart these bracelets because they indeed know what a girl wants. Which is to look savvy and stylish at a great price. Plus we love to rock any explosive set of bracelets like these.  ~ Brittany J.


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