It’s A Chic Yet Glam New Week: Featuring Six Stylish Looks!

This Week: Was All About Colors & Prints. I was pleased with this week picks. Every week I’m always introduced to looks that work and some that doesn’t. But this week you’ll be awaken by many patterns and colors that screamed spring. I love anything remotely full of pop so I can’t wait to showcase these favorite looks.

Their were a melting pot of celebs and events from this week. But you might notice some newbies on the list. Also another savvy theme played well this week: geometric designs and structured elements. Very different themes and style from last week list. It was one Over The Top week between flour blasting on Kim K, to celeb babies being born. Then with Mondo winning on Project Runway All-Stars which was so worth watching. Overall It was one eventful week to Enjoy!

Thanks & Explore This Week’s Tasteful Looks!

~ Brittany J.

Popped In A Micheal Kors Pink Dress ~ The Pops of Color Look: Jennifer Lopez Never Bores Me With This Look While Entering On Stage At American Idol In L.A.
Bloomed In Stella McCartney Trousers & Top ~ The Flower Is Chic Look: Beyonce Always Look Amazing & Those Pants Were Too In N.Y.C
Sprinkled In A Lacoste Printed Dress ~ The Geometric Design Look: Malin Akerman Was On Point At The Lacoste Spring Collection Launch In L.A.
Dressed In A Todd Lynn Jacket, Gray Top And J Brand Skinnies ~ The Casual Yet Chic Look: Emma Stone Looked Fab At WonderCon In Anaheim, California
Dolled Up In A Salvatore Ferragmo Dress ~ The Spring Designer Look: Kate Mara Rocked These Bold Prints At The Salvatore Ferragamo Perfume Event In N.Y.C.
Hugged In A Turquoise Sleeveless M.Kors Dress ~ The Casually Sassy Look: Katherine McPhee Made A Smash At The Royal Oak 40 Years Exhibition In N.Y.C

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