Pop Goes The Heel: Step Into Christian Louboutin ‘Bis Un Bout’ Pumps!

 I know it’s been a long time since I featured any shoes lately. But I was observing which ones I wanted to show since there’s thousands of shoe collections. I’m kind of in tact with shoe designers I already know. But I never featured Christian Louboutin before so it’s a first. I’m always showcasing his breath-taking shoes on my Tumblr but for some reason I haven’t featured him on my blog. A crazy shame on my behalf of course, because he’s one distinctive shoe designer that never bores me. With every celeb rocking a pair, guarantees him the king of red bottoms.

But I’m taking the liberty of showing you one of his newest designs. Which popped out among the others in his Spring/Summer 2012 collection. Indeed it’s the one shoe that’s been plastered on many sites. But one thing holds them supreme is its allusion of design. It’s like a fashion air wave of creativity on your foot. The PVC material defiantly exude a one-of a-kind feature. Which could give you an shoe attack if you owned a pair. I could only imagined a closet full of his heel candy shoes.Many of us dream of owning anything from the CL, but that would require heavy hardware. But in the trend department this heel reigned the red-carpets. Plus they made us look twice during this year’s Grammy’s because Rihanna and Alicia Keys sported these. As well others fun starlets like Brooklyn Decker, Rita Ora and recently Glee extraordinaire Naya Rivera. A sidebar moment: sometimes I can’t tell Rita from Rihanna, they look a like, and their sense of style is very similar.

Christian Louboutin 'Bis Un Bout’ & Just Piks Fab Shoes!

The Bis Un Bout funky heels truly ignite the feeling of Spring and Summer yet in a chic way. With bright selections of Black, Red, Peachy Orange, and Neon Yellow. Of course there’s another version of these, just with kick-ass spikes and studs called Just Piks.

Both high-quality pumps require some attitude and a love for the interesting. Which is why I’m showcasing them because let’s face it shoes should be worn, and these bad boys make a splash statement. But with any pair of shoes you can bet you’ll be making a statement!

 Thanks & Enjoy!

~Brittany J.


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