Style Spotlight: With Kendell K. California Chic Spring 2012 Lookbook!

 Guess what I’ve been style smitten by a new designer? This new designer collection really speaks home to the boho chicster I am. As you can tell the California lifestyle hits home, because it’s the one place that truly understands my idea of dressing. I can go on and on about the hippie chic days but I won’t. Instead I’ll declare your eyes a sneak peek at a her newest collection. Sometimes Twitter and I carry a fondness for finding new style sensations. So when I come across this newbie in Fashion. I scoped through her looks and consider this collection a must see. At an early age I loved playing and trying on my mother dresses. But her wardrobe was filled with different patterns/prints. My mother style back then was raging the 1990’s, so it was filled with crazy prints but I liked them. Now I’m always looking for something printiful, and that’s what drew me to the Kendall K. collections. With her latest collection it drenched with the styles of vintage glamour. But twisted with modern perfection as a California native, she mixed her love for vintage with drops of lady-like charm. And created such a dainty, fun, yet wearable pieces of detailed art. This desirable collection goes deep at the roots of old Hollywood meets 2012 beachy keen style. The mixture of zig zag patterns, and pastels dolled up in nautical screamed Spring. But what works is the use of items from the maxi skirts to the embroidered designs on the dresses/tops. Every piece in this collection can be worn with something from your own wardrobe. It’s kind of rare, to see any item from a designer be versatile to our style it’s a big plus. Meaning if you had the black/white zig zag top below it would go great with your fave pair of jeans. The shorts and maxi dress are golden creations I think. I wouldn’t mine rocking any of her pieces but the zig zag printed looks are really ideal to own/wear.

Overall this collection got my attention and it made great impression. I’m just amazed at how exquisite the details are on all of the items it’s so worth wearing. So if your ever in the California area then go ahead and try on a Kendall K. creation! ~ Also Feel Free To Snag At The Kendall K. California Styling S/S 2012 Video ~

Thanks & Enjoy

Brittany J.


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