Picture Lust Meets Model of The Moment: Joan Smalls!

Joan Smalls in vogue

It’s a Special Edition of Picture Lust: Because I’m featuring three editorials. All representing one amazing model right now.  She’s popped all over the glossy pages of Vogue, Elle and other fashion forward magazines. From around the world she’s the hottest thing since Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss intertwine. But she also give models of color hope to push through barriers and shine through those fashion pages.

Not only is she featured in magazines, she’s also ruling the cat-walks with her signature strut. Meaning she’s booking every fashion show with ease and started modeling in 2007. Over the five years she’s been grabbing the world one snap shot at a time.

With her strike a pose attitude, and chic background guarantees her longevity in fashion modeling. She wowed us being in some of the top designer ad campaigns like Chanel, Calvin Klein, and Gucci. Plus she’s been snapped by the best photographers like Daniel Sannwald and there’s no stopping her within these summer magazines.

 I’m proud to see a model of her caliber gracing the covers and headlining the runways. But between the styling and the backgrounds of these pics serve as fashion delivery. These pics truly delivered and each style did as well. I’ve been lacking behind on my fave in fashion editorials but here’s a triple dose. By the way their all different versions of Vogue Magazines.

Thanks & Enjoy!

Brittany J.

 Magazine One: Vogue Australia May 2012

Cover Girl: Joan SmallsContains 8 Pictures ~ Kai Z Feng (Photographer) Stylist: Naomi Smith

Global Beauty

~D&G Meets Eggplant Glam~
Pleated Delight
Glossy Godess
Glove Loving
Green & Fierce!
Retro With Prada
The Street Style Strut
Sway With The Pleats

 Magazine Two: Vogue Paris May 2012

Cover Girl: Laetitia CastaContains 6 Pictures ~ Terry Richardson (Photographer) Stylist: Geraldine Saglio


Red Dress Lover
White Party Chic
Tag Your The Style Queen!
Blue Cat Caller
Mommy Style Swing!
Evening Catwalk

Magazine Three: Vogue Us May 2012

Cover Girl: Scarlett Johansson Contains 6 Pictures ~ Steven Meisel (Photographer)

Short Order

Jump Up For Hair!
Printed Hair Play

Wild About This Look!
Under The Sea Hair Glow
The Boom Boom Hair Stomp!

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