Shady Styles: Featuring Zac Posen Newest Launch With Illesteva!

 Tell those sun rays they got to go because we’ve got another designer at play. Sunglasses are very vital if your going out plus it doesn’t hurt to collect them. But there’s some stylish ones making their way to the world of fashion accessories.  Since I live in the sunshine state I’m always in need of them. Over the weekend I got the pleasure of owning a fab new pair that’s turquoise cat-print. They’re shape and design sheds light to this collection. Zac Posen just dived in the pool with other sunglasses designers. It’s a major trend now many fashion designers/brands are trying to expand their resources. It’s like a celeb and their perfume, for some odd reason we see the bottle with a popular face and all of sudden it’s their fragrance. But let’s be honest here there’s more to the story but I won’t go there: )

Now I’ve always been a fan of Zac Posen and anything he does I’m all ears. So when I found out he was doing a limed edition line with Illesteva. I immediately wanted to know more, so I did and here’s what I came up with. For starters the sunglasses launch sometime this week. His inspiration for creating them came from his S/S 2012 Fashion show back in September. The Illesteva brand is filled with luxurious hipster chic sunglasses. It’s launch in 2009 quickly sky rocketed onto many famous eyes. With their funky stance on sunglasses, and creative styles defined how we wear them. But the collaboration of  the two seems golden. The line has clusters of wearable colors like clear, leopard printed, brown, shell, green and tortoise. Mixed with Cat Eye frames and the famous Leonard ones, yet these limited edition sun shields are only at select stores.So if you like these funky shades then be prepared to pay up to $300. But you can take a peek at them on the Illesteva website, or Opening Ceremony and Colette online.I’m digging this limited edition line by far my favorites are the leopard and tortoise ones. With Summer on the horizon and sunspots acting up all the time. It’s ideal to find yourself a funky pair of sunglasses, just make sure their trendy and affordable!

Thanks & Enjoy!

Brittany J.


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