Denim Delights: Flavorful Jeans To Strut In This Summer Season + Video!

Hot pink jeans and white jacketHello Colored Jeans and Goodbye 31 flavors, because we’re scooping out tasty jeans this summer. I’m referring to this trend as prominent ice cream flavors, only because they remind me of them. I know you can’t eat them but you can wear them. Which guarantees one thing: they’ve made their way into the Hall of Trends. french blue colored jeansWouldn’t it be interesting if they had a real Hall of Trends, that had trends dated years ago. We would surely use it to our advantage, and make everything wearable again. But let’s move on to why these candy coated jeans are so popular.There’s been an array of blogs, magazines and even bloggers rocking this trend. I’m not excluded from this bunch, because even I own some but I would love to collect them in all colors. colored jeansThe shades alone is why we desire wearing them, they help us pop while walking along the streets. They give us that strut we love to do, and they make an outfit shinewhen we need it. I’m a cheerleader for anything trendy, yet they sparked my interest about two years ago. Yep some celebs were spotted wearing them. But it wasn’t as hot until later last year. celebs in red jeansThat’s when we saw the red jeans come and then came the blue ones. Now we have so many new colors to explore like neon green, purple/lavender, turquoise and most notable the hot pink jeans. Colbalt Jeans Colored _Turquiose casual lookBut I’m calling out new flavors like orange, yellow, peach and now tie-dyeTheir highly fun to wear but they should warn us on how addictive they are once worn. You almost want a pair in every color. I’ve seen every shop, online boutique, and mall filled with them.Colored Jeans PeachyBut the real inventors of these delicate showstoppers belong to Current/Elliott, Citizens of Humanity, J Brand, Joe’s Jeans and Rag & Bone. These brands create jeans that’s versatile yet unique. Of course there’s plenty of versions of the colored jean plus they won’t sting your wallet. I love shopping for trends, but I enjoy shopping at places I know will support my trendy habit. So your local T.J. Maxx or Marshall’s will do the trick when it comes to these jeans. But there’s another denim trend to watchI’ve already seen the colored denim shorts slide under the radar. So that’s another trend to declare worthy (Colored Denim Shorts). Colored Pink Hot JeansWe’ve seen Kim K., Jessica Alba, Jenna Dewan, Gwen Stefani and even Kate Middleton wear them. Each strutted in a pair like style was on their side. Which is was because it made me buy some.Yet they’ve given us new ways to wear them, and that’s always fun.

 Just Remember To Pop Out & Go Bold In A Pair of These Flavorful Jeans!Bight color jeans for the summerThanks & Enjoy!

Since I Love Fashion Videos + Here’s A Fun Color Denim Video From The Style Network!

Brittany J.


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  1. Sydne says:

    Glad you liked my video! There are more ways to wear denim trends on my blog,

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