Put A Ring On It: Introducing The Hotness Over YSL Arty Rings!

ysl arty ring ovals

I’m about to declare these rings a international holiday because of how popular they are. I’m sure you’ve glazed over these knuckle clusters and wondered who made them. Because I wondered as well and then found out it was from one legendary brand so I had to explore it more. Yes they’ve been featured on magazines and blogs alike but what drew me to them was the style and the message they give off. They look like big mood rings but with style, and the gold finish makes them sophisticated to wear. Yet they have a classy approach to the average junk jewelry. YSL (Yves Saint Laurent) the brand given us many things we either owned, wanted to own, or dreamed of. Plus the legendary designer was all about being innovative and designing creative pieces. So artsy he was and it reflected beautifully among the collections.

ysl fashion bloggers But with this accessory it still pops among the brand but with a modern twist. I for one love to accessorize but with a ring sizes of 5 and 6 my chances are slim. But I manage to find some rings if they’re tight enough, so I kind of miss out on the real funky ones. But make it up with bracelets and that’s always fun and anyways this ring is truly trendy.

ysl gold plated rings artyThe colors alone makes it a trendy piece they come in many colors like, Wooden, Cobalt Blue, Coral, Purple, Turquoise, Cerise, Pink and Mint. The name of these one of a kind investments isYSL Arty Gold-Plated Glass ring and they’re no joke to wear.

ysl arty rings beyonceWhich makes them great fashion targets for celebs like Beyonce, Alexa Chung, and Kim Kardashian of course and lastly model Dree Hemingway. Plus many fashion bloggers adore them as well and I bet Anna Dello Russo owns more then one. You might see some of that ring inspiration rub off in her new accessory line for H&M. But if you don’t want to cough up $250-290 for one of these then look no further. Because they’re replica’s of the ring out there and here’s a few of them Mozzypop, La Dama, and Chic Obsession. I adore this ring and I had to own one that wouldn’t scare my funds. Yet keep me on top of the trend board and still look savvy. So There You Have It ~ It’s One Ring That’s Full of Mystical Fashion Charm!

 Thanks & Enjoy!

Brittany J.


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