Across The Pond Chic: Get Sassy With Love Lila E-Boutique!

london fashion

 If anything the United Kingdom has style we can trust in. With starlets like Cheryl Cole, Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss, Jessie J. Rita Ora, and let’s not forget the Middleton’s (Kate & Pippa). Of course I’m not from the UK but that doesn’t mean I don’t follow the trends from over there. I’m a fan of the accents and how they deal with fashion and style yet they mix it around on their terms.  London StylistsSo Luckily I came across a fun London pop-up shop that’s sassy. Found them on Twitter and was smitten by their technique of including every essential girl item on their e-boutique. Like chic handbags, Beauty must-haves, printed leggings, jewelry darlings, and party girl dresses.

It’s a site to check out if your ever looking for key/novel items. But more importantly Love Lila Uk ships in every country so you can buy even in the US. I’ve featured some UK shops on my blog before and always believe in showcasing fashion from all over. Because many countries have unique style which I love reviewing.Now here’s a little insider tidbit about this cool shop. The cute name Love Lila stems from the owner Sameena Bruce and her love for Lila her 2 year daughter. Since it’s launch in late April it created a style-buzz around the Twitter feeds. Yet you’ll enjoy the sweet atmosphere of finding any look rather it’s casual, work related, party fun or hippie chic. The boutique has every look for every style archetype. Yet I’m still amazed by the fact of buying from another country and Ta Da it’s in my mailbox. That’s the power of technology. But don’t let the euro dollar alter your buying process because her prices ranges. Starting at £9.99 to £60 for a dress and £4.99 to £29.99 for a top. Which converts to $14 to $90 for dresses and $8 to $48 for tops. So everything under $100 and that bonafides you affordability. In details I’m in love with the baroque print dresses/leggings, Amy Coral Peplum Dress, and the Cheryl Scuba Dress. Every item screaming Try Us On. Yet I’m pleased to be a shopping junkie so everything I buy it has to make me feel like it’s one of a kind and her shop has that feeling.

 So If Your Feeling UK Inspired & Need A Fashion Pick Me Up Then Stop By Love Lila E-Shop!

Thanks & Enjoy!

Brittany J.


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