Picture Lust Sandy Edition: Desert Queen Marcelina Sowa For Grazia UK June 2012 Issue!

Escape the unknown regions of this majestic land, and step into Grazia for this installment of Picture Lust. Yes it’s an all new picture lust. Once again I am smitten by this collection of Fashionable pics. Which is filled with what I’ll call Desert Dusk Chic. This featurette includes a widespread of accessories and sun down creativity of the couture sands. It’s  amazing how gorgeous you could look in the desert with D&G dress and thousands of dollars worth of jewels on.

It’s not new to add a desert vibe among the backgrounds in fashion. But what sets this apart from other sandy regions in the fashion department is the styling as a whole. The brisk layered jewels and over powered statement gowns, dancing along the Vietnamese sands. Along with the tailored black styles, created a smoldering atmosphere. Model Marcelina Sowa graced the sand dunes of fashion for Grazia UK 2012 June Issue, and even though it’s stated in the UK it’s still stunning.

I found these pictures from Tumblr and thought why not create a picture lust out of it. Plus I was stunned to see the amount of details and thought behind this editorial. But then again I’m always amazed by the things they can do with a stylist, photographer and a supreme location.

Enjoy & Thanks!

Brittany J.

~ Where Have You Been Style Stance ~
~ The Desert Princess ~
~ Star Sand Runner ~
~ The Stylish Drifter ~
~ Sun Dusk Style ~
~ Gucci Stare Down ~
~ Embroidery Winds ~
~ Sand Struck ~

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  1. amazingly beautiful photos…so exotic!!!
    xx ~ http://www.tresorsdeluxe.com!

    1. stylebaby105 says:

      Thanks Love the jewels on your site : )

      1. Thank you so much!!! We have collections to fit most budgets 🙂

        Looking forward to your next fashion post!

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