Pop Shop: Click & Stop By Zaden Row & Explore NYC Styles + Video!

NYC boutiques clearly never disappoints, if you’ve stepped into one. They provide the best looks along with the chic atmosphere, that accentuate the fashion positives. Yet as a Florida native that luxury clearly would only work if I visited. Yet if you’ve wondered like I, what it would be like to shop like a Big Apple stylist then look no further. I’ve been solely introduced to a new e-shop that understands our inner Carrie Bradshaw‘s, by giving us boutiques we should at least try on.

Here’s how it works: There’s nothing like fashion stylists, and their power to transform any outfit. And from my perspective they can do no wrong unless it’s a style stunt. We all know what that means thanks to the Fashion Police.

But any fashion stylist would know they hold a vital key to your image as a whole. Which is why famous fashion stylist Nina Zadeh created this savvy concept. By connecting local stores with shoppers from NYC and all over, by enabling them to Shop Like A Local.

I love anything that’s full of fashion creativity, but the list of boutiques leaps on. They’ve teamed up with local shops  like Blake Scotland, DLUX, Brow NY, Corrente, Julia James, and Annabelle. Every shop is located along the New York City chic streets. Providing you a little piece of the fashion action that streams aline New York. 

Since it’s launch early in May Zaden Row has a cool name yet the variety of style is endless. You could find items ranging from accessories, nail polish, to Georgia beauty products, shoes to designed handbags

It’s a one stop shop you won’t find boring which always help. Plus you may find something new, your local shops may not carry. I know from viewing the e-shop, I was instantly drawn to the dresses section on the site.  There’s so many trendy dresses that would be perfect for summer partying.

Shopping Like A Local At The Comfort of My Own Home Is Ideal Anyway You See It!

Thanks & Enjoy

Brittany J.


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