The Pink Factor: Cotton Candy Couture It’s Fashion Made Sweet!

There’s a big trend happening around the fashion quatrains, and that my friend is the power of Pink. It’s not a subtle color it’s cute and delicate and easily fun to wear. Which is why I’m a cool fan of the sassy color and would wear it more yet it’s hard to keep tidy. But there’s a new way to wear pink and pull it off with your own flare.

 Okay we all love to dance among the Carnival lights, but our favorite past time is the tasty  Cotton Candy. Which is why this new twist on what you wear shop would be ideal to check out. The fun reflective styles of Cotton Candy Couture has it’s advantages, to make you look amazing without taking you back to past styles.

fashion inspirationsOne thing that stands out are the frills of colors, the pop of sequins, and the details that plays with their F/W 2012 collection. She reflected this collection by saying “If Wearing Bright Colors During The F/W Seasons Is Wrong, I Don’t Want To Be Right” well said I can’t stand boring fall colors.

Cotton Candy Couture Jenna The Fab owner of the bubbly brand and Chicago native is Jenna Zielbauer created what girls love the reinventing any look by “Originally Editing It”. Imagine transforming any old garment you had, and then magically making it come alive by editing it for this century. Well that’s where Cotton Candy Couture stands out, and their dresses are great for events, proms, and parties.

I’ve been a pinky fan of their stylish dresses since I became pinning friends on Pinterest. It’s a whole new world of sparkles meet style and each dress holds something spicy. As a Chicago based company they truly works for cities all over, and if your not in a major city. It’s okay because you’ll stand out, and they will want to know where you got that dress from. Simply say it’s a Cotton Candy Couture exclusive!

sequinsAt the sweetest core these dresses got bang for your style and I’m all for that. Here’s a few picks that are treat to wear like the Monroe, Crosby and The Kenton.

 Anything with sequins or a little glitter always work. But there’s many to choose from so have something sweet from Cotton Candy Couture!

Super Thanks & Enjoy!

Brittany J.


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