Purple Haze: Tame Your Fashion Depression With Leila Shams F/W 2012 Collection!

I’m delighted to reveal another great collection from Leila Shams. She’s created a new concept in the fashion world, and it’s truly paying off. With this collection it’s filled with her signature love for screen art and design. But if your feeling fashion depressed and in need of a little pick me up? Then look no further, because there’s some looks from this collection you’ll want to wear.

The theme that’s explored plays with exotic animals like the mad monkey and the neon Octopus. It’s filled with the unexpected and well that’s truly what life is. The colors streamlined on purple, pops of green and charcoal gray. Oh and taking a pill never looked so pretty with her intro to the Glitter pill dress. (It’s An Eccentric Idea That’s Fun To Wear: )

But what I adore most is the model’s hair it’s a funky look, it’s sweeping the hair world.

What I admire most about her designs is her love for stepping out of the box. And this collection goes a step further away from those boxes. I’m amazed by the neon mesh and sayings plus those alluring maxi skirts. I don’t doubt these looks one bit, because of this collection I’m actually looking forward to Fall/Winter

Thanks : )

Brittany J.



leila-shams-fall-2012--great-depression looks


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