Sheer Madness: Sizzle In The New LBD (LSBD)

Okay dokey there’s got to be a sheer genius located on the hills of Hollywood. Because I’m starting to see sheer gowns, dresses, skirts and shirts. They’re everywhere and bloggers aren’t shying away from trend either. It’s a cool trend to embrace and that’s why you might like the different versions I give.

One thing for certain is the fact that it’s almost Summer time, and the love of black is turning up all over. But there’s a whole new name for it and That’s (The Little Sheer Black Dress or Gown). It’s crazy but indeed The Breakfast At Tiffany’s closet has a new dress to hang.

This look is about letting your sultry side come through and play on the verge of edginess.

I’m more into the mullet sheer skirts and the shirts. Yet the dresses are great for a party moment. But then again they’re fun to wear for any crazy moment in life. I know it’s only the beginning because I saw this trend coming from a mile away and can’t complain on how trendy it is.

Thanks So Much!

Brittany J.

~Now The Different Versions~

The Sheer Sassy Cocktail Look:

The Sheer High-Low Fashionista Look:

The Sheer Cruise Shirt Look:

The Sheer Maxi Skirt Twirl Look:

Sheer Dress Lovers From Charlize Theron To Eva Longoria!

sheer dresses celebs

sheer black looks from celebs

Sheer Gowns


2 Comments Add yours

  1. twinsfablane says:

    I love this piece on sheer gowns … fab stuff!!!

    1. stylebaby105 says:

      Aww Thanks I’ve being seeing them all over the place it’s a hot trend! : ) Thanks For The Comment!

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