It’s A Fashion Comeback Week: Featuring Six Savvy Looks of The Week!

Now I know it’s been awhile since I’ve done this. But I think it’s always awesome to do them every week and then bring them back. But there’s a lot of new changes that’s taking place on InStyle With Stylebabe! I’ve been working on such long writing posts that I forgot how hectic life can be. Life can be busy and full of new things happening which I deal with as well. Maybe it’s great to write less and show more.  I slowly realized that it’s time to move on and do some things differently.

What’s changed is the layout and the way you’ll see my blog. I like to change things up and do something creative so I thought why not now. I truly dedicate a lot of effort within this blog, yet it’s time to show more pictures and give less content. Like the fashion gods and goddess always say “Less Is More”.

Besides That Style Tid Bit ~ I’ll Move On: This Week Style Was Full of The Cool Factor! We See Celebs Rocking Cool Colors & Showing Us That Accessories Aren’t Valid Anymore. Which is sad because I think accessories are the key to making any outfit come alive.

Chic Side-Bar:  The MTV Movie Awards Is Here! So I’ll Have A New Post On Those Looks Tomorrow!

It Seemed Liked The Glamour Awards Ruled This Week : )

Hope You Like The New Layout & Thanks!

Brittany J.

Blueific/Casual In A Midnight Blue Dior Dress & Blazer With Skinny Jeans ~ The A La Chic Look: Charlize Theron Was The Fairest of Them All In These Looks At Prometheus Premiere & Colbert Report.
Glamorous In A Sapphire Blue Zac Posen Gown ~ The Gown Glows Look: Lea Michele Razzle Dazzled At The Glamour Awards In London.
Funky In A Sweet-Heart Black Strutted Jumpsuit ~ The Power Trend Look: Malin Akerman Struts In This Revamp of A Look At A Memorial Day Soiree In West Hollywood.
Chic In A Black Blazer & Black Cigarette Pants ~ The Sleek Look: Kate Moss Gives The Little Black Look A Twist of Glam At The Mango Fashion Awards In Barcelona, Spain.
Stunning In A Silk Black Maria Grachvogel Halter Gown~ The Sassy In Silk Look: Kelly Rowland Graced The Red Carpet In This Fab Gown At The Glamour Awards In London.
Popped In A Orange Victoria Beckham Sheath Dress ~ The Summer Pop Look: Eva Longoria Literally Shinned In This Dress At The Glamour Awards In London.

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