A La Chic: An Parisian Affair With Elie Saab Pre-Fall 2012 + Video!

It’s The Wonderful World of Paris All Popped Up In A Video From Elie Saab

Yet The Parisian Charm Had Me Wondering  This: “How Chic Is The Paris Lifestyle”

Elie Saab Is Literally One of My Favorite Designers & Any Collection He Has Is Always Ideal!

But He Added A Fashion Video To Showcase The New Collection!

It’s A Bit Weird To Talk About Fall When We’re So Close To The Summer Season.

But I Think It’s Okay To Debut It Since Fall Isn’t Far Away!

So Enjoy The Paris Views Through Elie Saab Eyes : )

Thanks Brittany J.


7 Comments Add yours

  1. getloworld says:

    OMG I absolutely love all of these dresses! especially the first blue one! so chic!

  2. It’s a perfect composition!

  3. Mireille says:

    do you know where I could buy the long black dress with short sleeves? I saw many websites where they sell Elie Saab’s dresses on sale at like 200$ but I never found a link to this black dress! If you know where i could buy it, please tell me! thank you so much

    1. stylebaby105 says:

      Hi Mireille,

      I’ve tried looking for that dress on other sites and couldn’t find it.
      But I thank you for commenting I’m sorry I couldn’t find it, that gown is tricky to find!
      : )

      1. Mireille says:

        thank you for the effort though, I really appreciate it!

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