Tiny Love: The Mini Cross-Body Syndrome & It’s Power Over Our Arms!

wicker handbags

Yes I’m having some doubt over this new handbag trend. Mainly because I’m a girl who knows how important it is to have everything fit in my bags. But with this mini handbag trick of a look, it’s pulling me into a new direction. Indeed I’ve purchased a mini Cross-Body bag that can turn into a clutch when needed. It’s a fun bag and at times it made me scream. The Jessica Simpson cross-body purse is really unique yet it made me have an embarrassing moment during checkout. It’s extremely small for my wallet so I had to keep my change loose. And Behold it all came crashing down on the floors of Barnes & Noble. I laughed it off or at least I tried too, but it’s too funny of a story to leave behind.

My Fave Color: Mini Cross-Body Handbag

So that’s some of the regret I have over these cute party bags. It will leave you either wanting to own one, or you already own one and can relate. You can’t add a lot of make-up and other key essentials. But I was able to add my lip balm, keys and smart-phone yet not my sun-glass case. So with these sassy purses it’s about the cuteness instead of the quantity. But I’ve found it easy to wear and light weight so that’s a plus when it comes to shopping.

So far many stores/boutiques and online outlets continue selling them, and the more minimal they are the easier they sale. Which is why they’ve become powerful, among the handbag community only behind the world of clutches which is worn by everyone. Yet as a practical person I can only handle a medium size cross-body because I like to carry everything from lotion to perfume to pens. I’m a big fan of these bags but I’ll wear mine when it’s needed!

Anyways Thanks & Enjoy These Mini Bags & Cross-Body Divas!

Brittany J.

Handbag trends

Handbag trends

Tory Burch Robinson Crossbody Mini Bag
Valentino Va Va Voom Mini Shoulder Bag
Big Buddha Mini Cross-Body Bag
Rebecca Minkoff Cross-Body – Mini Mac Bag
Coach Classic Leather Mini Cross-Body

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  1. The first bag in the picture, the straw bag is sooo cute!

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