Fashion Personality: I’m High & Low For These Mullet Dresses!

Having a dress that gives off the vibe of Cali mixed with the beach is so easy to love. Collecting trends is my bonafide weakness. And so far I’m adding this to my wardrobe, indeed they’re cut differently for my body. I have no shame in my game to admit that, I have a curvy bottom that’s not cut out for certain dresses. But I think these help with that problem. 

DKNY S/S 2012 Chic!

There’s another term for them and that’s the mullet dress, that name also fits with it’s shape as well. It’s a hot look to pull off and truly it’s only the beginning because of how easy it is to dress them up or keep them casual. I really enjoy wearing them and how many styles they come in. Many celebs consider them their go-to dress of choice. But what makes me interested in them is their use of uniqueness and how they fit great on any body type.

Enjoy The Pics & Thanks!

 Brittany J.

~ J.Mendel Spring 2012 ~
Ella Moss: Solid Hi-Low Dress


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  1. I love this post, really like these dresses:) Especially Nicole Richie’s, Miley’s not too bad. But the last photo is absolutely amazing!! XO

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