Hung Up Style: Dsquared2 Calls In The Edge 2013 Resort Collection!

Loving Dsquared2 isn’t something new because they always give off that added dose. They have a love for always stepping overboard without really going there. But all style aside is their technique for creating a story around their collections. Always hip and never cheesy I’ve been a fan since they debuted the Starbucks cups and denim theme runway show back in Fall 2009.

 But with model Cara Delevingne headlining this “Wild One” couture meets the Sex and The City Carrie’s Way collection sums up what really fashion needed. I Love the gold chains and hot pink frocks but what really worked was the ancient phone booth I haven’t seen those in a while : ). But couldn’t help but notice the the biker jackets and 1990’s undertones. Overall I love what Dean & Dan gives off among their diverse collections.

 So Enjoy & Thanks!

Brittany J.


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