Style Gushing: Over Solange Knowles Fab Looks!

I’ve been a fan of style icons and their strength in the fashion department for years. So I’ve rounded up almost every look that works from the cool Solange Knowles. What works for her truly works for us style critics, I adore her mixture of fashions and natural hair. I think that she’s a true force in fashion and it’s comforting to see.

The way she takes on prints and patterns by adding her own flare, really gives her that title as a style diva. But we all know her as Beyonce’s sister but she’s stepped away from that and created a name for herself. Many of the times it’s hard to step away from a sibling shadow yet she does a savvy job not following her. I have a completely different fashion sense then my sister, but in the past her style would always get the attention. Now the table’s turned because I’ve realized how to style myself which took forever: )

 Her taste in fashion recalls in the area of retro contemporary. She’s modern with a dash of 1960’s meets 1970’s charm. Which is really new and needed if you want to stand out within fashion. Her designers range from DVF, Roberto Cavalli, to Rachel Roy, Stella M. and Salvatore Ferragamo. She’s always ready for fashion weeks, and that’s why she’s the first in this segment. Style gushing is really what makes them amazing on the style charts.

 Enjoy Her Evolving Style & Thanks!

Brittany J.

Her Love For The Color of Yellow!

Her Love For Structured Blazers!

Her Love For Prints & Patterns!

Her Love For Retro Modern!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Wow, Solange is looking more the style icon by the day! I love her! She def grew and developed her personal style throughout the years. She’s hot, edgy, original, cool. Amazing. The photo of her with the pink skirt and the stereo is absolutely fantastic!!! Great post, thanks for sharing:) XO

    1. stylebaby105 says:

      Thanks For the comment, she looks gorgeous in anything. And your right her style has grown a lot over the years. Glad you liked it!

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