Summer Hot Flash: 50 Shady Sunglasses To Sizzle In!

Let those summer sun rays out and bring on the shades you were born to rock in. Indeed I don’t have 50 shades to showcase here, but that title has been everywhere thanks to Mr. Grey : ). Yet I wanted to reveal some of the most trendy sunglasses your seeing everywhere or would like to own. I love to wear sunglasses and enjoy what they do when those sun rays beam in.

 Living in Florida it’s quite common to own a dozen, yet I enjoy the top looks that everyone can’t stop wearing. So I’ve gathered up a great use of pictures to help the trend gods. Obviously there’s some major trends to explore thanks too Prada and other designers. Pairing up such fun sunglasses can boost that special outfit.

To me sunglasses are truly what makes an outfit whole and without them, it’s just an generic look.

But I think the Summer will get pretty spicy with some of these new shady shades.

  Thanks & Always Enjoy!

Brittany J.

Shady Trend 1: The Glamour Eyebrow Sunglasses

Shady Trend 2: The Printed Party Sunglasses

Shady Trend 3: The Color Outside The Lines Sunglasses

Shady Trend 4: The 1950’s Retro Chic Sunglasses

 Shady Trend 5: The Classic Black Frame Sunglasses

Shady Trend 6: The Mirrored Aviator Sunglasses

 Shady Trend 7: The Out of The Box Frame Sunglasses

Shady Trend 8: The Mirror Mirror On The Wall Sunglasses

 Shady Trend 9: The New Up Up & Away Aviator Sunglasses


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