Picture Lust London’s Calling Us: Harper’s Bazaar China July 2012 With Bonnie Chen!

It’s that time again where the pictures do all of the talking and I’m just the one who say “WOW‘. This segment of picture lust is dedicated to the London 2012 Gamers.

What’s so cool about this set of pictures are the benefactor of  How The Olympics play along with detailed fashion. This editorial display how design can create the illusion of playing with a watchful city at large. Imagine actually wearing one of these crazy good designs while winning a gold metal (impossible right). But not in Fashion it’s always possible to wear the unbelievable, model Bonnie Chen gives us her view on the timeless tradition.

I admire the looks of London and the royal treatment of designer duds. Plus she adds humor to the lofty idea of what to wear in London. Overall I love the style and the pictures taken from this editorial and think of this picture lust as one of the most in a set.  But the photographer Zack Zhang and fashion stylist Fan Xiaomu, truly give us London style on a silver platter filled with frocks Gucci, Roberto Cavalli, Blumarine, Louis Vuitton and Givenchy.

So Enjoy & Have An Awesome Week!

Brittany J.

London Spiral
~Harrods Overload~
~ Absoulely Fabulous ~
Checker Board Chic!
~McQueen’s Soldier of Fashion~
~The Museum of Structured Style~
The Royal Gates of Pink!
~Gucci’s Only Green Friend~
The Royal Glam Stand
~The Glittery Sun Dial~
Scream Street Chic Bang
Kilted Spunk!
Britain’s Golden
Royal Purple + Style = Glamour
~Tea Party Class~
A Stroke of Blue & A Dash of Orange Pop!
London’s Wave of Fashion


4 Comments Add yours

  1. getloworld says:

    love the photography! a very interesting take on sports

  2. stylebaby105 says:

    Thanks For The Cool Comment! & I thought the same thing about how they did it too!

  3. The photos are stunning! The model is beautiful. Great post, thanks for sharing:) XO

  4. stylebaby105 says:

    Thanks Glad You Like Them ( I Always Adore What They Do With These Fashion Editorials)

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