Designer Sparks: Introducing K.Hendrix Gotta Have Designer Gems!

When it comes to having your style pop with something spectacular try headlining this designer,, because her designs deems a girl’s best friend. From the words of Ms. Monroe “Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend” But She Was Missing Sparkles As Well!

For years I’ve been a fan of glitter and sequins since forever. So late last year I stumbled across this clever fashion designer who wears her heart on her sequin sleeves. She’s created a fashion world we all desire and added her own flare to it. Between the over size  paillettes and boho posh vibe it’s so ideal to wear. There’s a lot of meaning within her delicate frocks and that’s always interesting.


Kimberly Hendrix (aka K.Hendrix) wasn’t a newbie when it came to design. From model, to interior designer to fashion designer it wasn’t a huge leap. Yet the kick off to creating collections didn’t hit until 2007. Yet her design aesthetic debuted a collection with Ashley Paige at MB N.Y.C fashion week in 2008. After branching off on her own declared her designs a must have for editorial magazines, and celebs like Zooey Deschanel, Kendra Wilkinson and Juliette Lewis.  Between being a California girl at heart she also mix the vibes of the Florida beaches, since her fab showroom is located in St. Petersburg Florida.

But her latest collection roamed around Miami Fashion Week this summer, and those showcase headpieces inspired many (think Coachella).

I immediately felt giddy when I found her designs, because how many designers trickle their way to Florida to have a showroom unless it’s in Miami of course.  Not many which makes it quite rare to see and that’s why I’ve been a fan.

Another thing that keeps her style in tact and us amazed is her love for a better environment. Every intricate handmade garment enthralls 100% reclaimed or recycled vintage materials which is ideally worth wearing.  But her eco spunk carried on by being honored, at the Sustainatopia Awards 2012  as eco-conscious designer of the year.

So K.Hendrix “reuse.recycle.renew” style  has that and the power of sparkles we adore that! Yet she also gets us with this quote “create pretty, special things that women will hang on their walls as art one week and wear them out the next. Can’t deny that because her S/S 2012 Collection is filled with shimmer delight and these sequin pants and denim shorts are my fave in the collections. Along with her Fall/Winter 2012 rocking frocks, what works is how none of the sequin/styles are alike.

I’m Always Amazed By Designers & K.Hendrix Designs Are Superb For A Glitter Junkie Like Me!

Brittany J.

Thanks The Pics & Slideshow!

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 K.Hendrix S/S 2012 Collection/Lookbook!

K.Hendrix F/W 2012 Collection & Lookbook!

She’s Been Featured In Disfunkashion & Icon Magazine!

More K.Hendrix Sparkles!!

One Last Thing A Sparkling Video!

Kimberly Hendrix from Nikki Devereux on Vimeo.


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