Tie A Bow Around It: Get Waisted With The Trendy Tie In Front Tops!

When you tie up something it usually means the end of it, but in this case we’re tying up something highly worth it. I’ve never been so determined to buying something in ages, yet I fell across the Tie In Front Top as a stand still.

Shopping for myself contain minutes and sometimes hours looking for that special item and size. So when I came across this tie in front top I instantly had to have  it, plus the polka dot print helped with the Summer trend vibes which is always good.

Overall you probably notice the different versions they have like the cropped, printed, denim, white blouse, and the sleeveless one. They’ve been seen on bloggers and fashion enthusiasts and of course stylish celebs. But this trend is perfect to wear with jeans, skirts, shorts and even over a dress.

So Enjoy This Funky Chic Trend I Know I’m A Fan!

 (The White Blouse Tie Front Tops)

(The One Celeb Who Wears Them All of The Time: Eva Mendes

(Black Tie In Front Tops: Miley Cyrus & Frieda Pinto)

Shirt Meets Color/Printed Tie In Front Tops! 

Carey Mulligan/ Kristen Stewart/ Sofia Vergara 

Now For The Tied In Front Top Bloggers !

(Always Thanks & Enjoy Your Fab Weekend)

Brittany J.


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    1. stylebaby105 says:

      I Know Me Too (Thanks For The Fab Comment : )

  1. It is my honour to give you this award, please check and pick it up if you like

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