Photo-Shoot Pop: Caribbean Queen Joan Smalls & Her Family Groove In Puerto Rico For Vogue!

Okay so this isn’t a Picture Lust moment instead it’s something fun and distinctive for all who adore models and their style. Here in the August issue of Vogue US with Marion Cotillard , you could flip through and find Joan Smalls having a reunion of style with her family. But this isn’t just a model and some campaign, it’s all about family and going back to what made you humble.

But with a fashion twist and a dash of Caribbean flare, for some years Joan Smalls has made a fierce pathway onto the fashion roads.  Which has given her many titles and just last month the now 24 year old was granted the New Face of Fashion by W magazine.

A great honor I say and I think she deserves it since she’s giving fashion a run for it’s money through the fans she has, and major editorials and fashion ads.

So here through these cool pictures, we get to see her family at large and their country she got all of her fashion beat from. San Juan, Puerto Rico is getting it’s fashion moment through the technique of photographer Norman Jean Roy which looks amazing.

Here She’s Got Her Island Street Style Groove With Sisters Erika Small & Betsy Small

 Joan Smalls & Her Dad Eric Smalls

Here’s A Fab Behind The Scenes of Joan Smalls Vogue Shoot In Puerto Rico

(Photos Courtesy of Fashion Gone Rogue & Vogue Us & Eclechick)

Thanks So Much & Enjoy!

Brittany J.


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