Patchwork Fab: Featuring Lonnie Cie Golden Coast Handbags!

One thing I adore is the range of handbags you can wear, and the crazy attention it has if your wearing something unique.  So I came across this Australian raised handbag collection by surprise.

Since I’m not a Gold Coast girl I had to find out more about this Eco-friendly meets vintage set of bags. And I’ve been hooked ever since, I’m sure your aware for my love for boho-meets glam style.

I adore the easy flow boho vibe it brings, I own some bags that’s patchwork but nothing like these. The funkiness that lies within each handmade bag, mixed with vintage and antique mixed woven textiles. Which contain multi-color embroidery and added charms, coins, and textured textiles. It’s a gypsy dream come true to sport one of these global phenomenon handbags.

St. Bartz Patchwork Handbag!

With the overall hand-crafted display of favorable style, mixed with resort flare  surely works well. I love the fact that they name each bag from a jet set country of choice. Many would call it over the top, to rock one of these on their arms but I say who cares!

I think their beautiful and fun to wear and the vivid colors are fascinating. I’ve been a fan of these traveling type of  hippie handbags for a while. And happy to have found this sassy handbag collection.

Marrakesh Patchwork Handbag

The luxury patchwork world of these handbags are represented by Lonnie Cie . Which specializes in adding a touch of fashion with facets of celeb design in mine.

Back in 2010 these handbags swept through Hollywood in a flash. From Nicole Richie, to Miley Cyrus, and even Julia Roberts wore these famous patchwork styles. It’s still a popular style among Heidi Klum and Jessica Alba.

simonne camille

But now you can get them at an affordable price and still look great on vacation. Recently back in February they was featured in Australia fashion magazine Label with Kate Winslet which detailed their sassy handbags!

They’ve been a great hidden jewel that peaked my interest for collecting them. And if I could pick any of their handbags out it would have to be their newest clutches.

Cabo Lonnie Cie Clutches!

They’re truly one of a kind and since clutches are a big thing I would love to rock these.

Thanks Again,

Brittany J.

Lonnie Cie Africa Patchwork Handbag!

Be Sure To Check Them Out On Lonnie Cie Facebook


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