Goodbye Summer Sizzle: And Hello Fall + Have Fun With These Key Items This Season!

It’s that time again when that season you love goes away and we’re left with the intro of coldness. I of course can’t stand the climate change but that’s the way nature works.

So without any feeling of neglect I selected essential key Summer Into Fall Items. Which will come in handy since Fall’s just around the corner and with weird weather patterns I’ll have to be prepared earlier then usual. But there’s always a special place in my heart for Summer. So it’s okay to take your fave summer items and carry them into Fall.

I’ve Created  4 Funky Fab Outfits That Will Ease The Seasonal Frustration!

~ Each Look Has An Highlighted Area For Fall Key Items ~

Outfit 1 (The Night Fever Look)

Fall’s Key Items:  Colors ~ Plum or Burgundy Items

This Color Is Big This Season

Then We Have The Jersey Draped Dress (Long or Short Sleeve)

Which Is Always Easy To Wear!

Outfit 2 (The Go Wild With Red Look)

Fall’s Key Items: Colors/Prints ~ Red & Leopard

Statement Earrings Are Big This Season!

The Perfect Black Blazer or Jacket

Outfit 3 (The Casually Bold Look)

Fall’s Key Items:  Colors ~ Mustard Yellow &  Sassy Polka Dots

Cute Printed Scarves 

Chain Reaction Woven Bracelets

Outfit 2 (Tribal Seeking Spunk Look)

Fall’s Key Items: Colors/Prints ~ Bold Jewel Tones & Aztec Geometric

Floppy Hats Love 

The Amazing Military Green Vest

Here’s More Trendy Summer Into Fall Looks To Try! 

Luxe (Faux) Leather
Edge & Beyond With Studs & Spikes!
Style Flat With Cool Loafers!

Thanks Always & Have Fun This Fall Season! 

I’ll Have To Try The Faux Leather Skirt & Loafer Trends : )

Brittany J.


7 Comments Add yours

  1. tseparfait says:

    Oh my goodness! I love all the fall looks! I can’t even choose my favourite. Maybe falling in love with the polka dots and the red…but love them all! Thanks for sharing!

    1. stylebaby105 says:

      I know there’s to many to choose but that’s only some of them. There’s a lot more I’ll have to post them. Your welcome also I adore the way you reflect fashion with cool foods or deserts it’s so different then any other blog.

      1. tseparfait says:

        Can’t wait to see more! Keep it up! =)
        Ooo…thanks! We’re glad you like it. Our blog is just basically a combination of our 2 love in life…food and fashion, coming in no particular order…<3

  2. teenrants says:

    I love the “new classic”! It is so laid back and just adorable. I love fall outfits so much. Such a great post!:)

  3. I am loving too many trends this fall! Loving plum and surprisingly bold prints. Great inspiration! Loving everything!

  4. i agree!! loafers, studs and leopard!!! greatpost as always!!

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