MBFW Amazed: My Trip To The Lincoln Center At The Noon By Noor S/S 2013 Show!

It’s not a biggie to go to New York City if you’ve been there or lived. But if your a newbie like I was then you will understand the feelings and moments I went through. After a long and restful week filled with hours of jet lag. I finally recovered back to myself as the fashion blogger/writer. I’m not writing this as a boasting party for myself I’m just reflecting my NYC fashion experience and my invitation to a great show.

Last Thursday/Friday I was invited by the cool PR firm People’s Revolution to attend the Noon by Noor S/S 2013 show. I am always a fan of  fashion shows and couldn’t resist something like this since I’ve never been to NYC before. Plus the background within fashion helped so I could know whose who up there. I felt honored and pleased to even receive this so I RSVP and booked my ticket and up I went. P.S. I actually saw Kelly Cutrone directing people along as usual tried to get a picture, but it was to dark. At least I did witness that first hand. Overall she does an amazing job at what she does so I can’t complain.

This experience will be forever be glued into my noggin, because of all of the stories I’ve heard about the big apple. So I made it my discovery trip, but I felt so nervous when I got there. But thanks to the Style Network and Sex & The City I knew many familiar areas and regions. But everyone wants to have their own Carrie Bradshaw moment so that’s how I saw it.

Moving on now about the fashion show, it was a gorgeous well designed collection. It needed so much more attention because of how grand and different it was. The best of the best was included at this event and I was one of 200 guests to witness it. Of course I saw others all vowing the chance to make news with there outfits and style. But to be honest the real stars were the designers and the front-row lovers. I had fun mixing stripes with leopard worn over my colored jeans, but those heels I had on was one stop heels.

Introducing the creative duo Noor Al Khalifa and Haya Al Khalifa started their amazing brand in 2008, and it sky-rocketed to fame by their nifty designs. Others have enjoyed their taste for glam mixed with colors like Kim K., Blake Lively, Demi Lovato, and now Olivia P. and Nicky Hilton.

Their use of colors and details truly kept me intrigued into loving their style within every garment.  Everything is wearable and really easy to wear and simple to add with other items.

So Here’s Some of The Runway Pictures & Front -Row Style Lovers!

~ Thanks So Much & Enjoy  ~

Brittany J.

Here’s My Phone Pic of Nicky Hilton I Tried But That’s Her (So Blurry)

Overall I enjoyed the cultural aesthetic these fab cousins have for the fashion world, and can’t wait to see more of their collections to come. This whole experience took literally three years in the making and I’m very blessed to have been able to go and achieve one of my goals. But I know one thing the Fashion in NYC is amazing to see, I enjoyed the visit and loved the whole atmosphere. Everything was very inspiring on so many levels and most of all I miss the food, the lights + the energy.

Here’s The Noon By Noor S/S 2013 Video!

Thanks So Much To All This Experience Has Truly Changed My Life & Will Never Forget It!

Brittany J.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. stylebaby105 says:

    Thank You For The Comment~ I Left A Thank U Message On Your Blog!

  2. So happy you achieved your goal and had a great time in the city! Your post was great, such a fan of olivia’s style those shoes are everything! xoxo

  3. Ira says:

    Awesome pics! I love the show!


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