Stylish Libras: An Ode To Being One & How They Mold Our Wardrobe!

It’s My 22nd Birthday & I Thought Why Not Feature Libra’s Stylish Girls!

So Here’s A Cool Overview of How They’ve Shaped Our Fashion & How Amazing They Set Trends!

These Fab Ladies Are Making A Name For Themselves In Fashion & Most of The Time I Look To What They Wearing!

It’s A Profile of Each One + An Overview of Us Libras & Our Crazy Good Traits!

I Thought It Would Be Fun To Mix Zodiac With Fashion Which Collides Very Well.

My Libra Traits Are Always True & They Fit Who I Am & How I Look At The World.

Celebrating My Birthday Has Always Been Fun But I’m Always Amazed By How Fast It Comes Around Yet I Treat It Like It’s Simple But Fun!

Here’s Some of Our Cool Traits!

So Here’s 8 Fashionably Stars We Adore! 

~Serena Williams~

September 26, 1981

Style Profile:  Winner of Boldness But Savvy With Color & Mixed With Edge

~Christina Milian~

September 26, 1981

Style Profile: Lover of Unique Prints Yet Plays With Color

~Gwyneth  Paltrow~

September 27, 1972

Style Profile: Tailored & Refined With Doses of Daring Moments

~Marion Cotillard~

 September 30, 1975

Style Profile: Glamour With Touches of Bold Yet Polished & Chic

~Camilla Belle~

October 2, 1986

Style Profile: Old Hollywood Yet Always Designer Fab 

~Gwen Stefani~ 

October 3, 1969

Style Profile: Bold With Personality But Plays With Funky Prints

Another October 5th Birthday Style Star Is 

~Kate Winslet~

October 5, 1975

Style Profile:  Curvaceous Ideal Yet Simplistic Chic

~Kim Kardashian~

October 21, 1980

Style Profile: Designer Edgy Yet Classic & Trendy

It’s Always Fun Mixing Zodiac With Fashion Would Love To Know How Sign Creates Your Style!

Thanks & Enjoy 

I Have A Brand List of Posts Coming Soon Sorry For The Long Hiatus!

Brittany J.


4 Comments Add yours

    And I never knew Serena Williams was on 26 – me too!
    I never could find same date celebs except for Jim Caviezel, hahaha!
    Great to know Gwyneth is 27 – she is something admirable 🙂
    Happy Birthday Brittany 😀

    1. stylebaby105 says:

      Thanks So Much For The Birthday Love! Your Comment Made me laugh about JC : )

  2. love your photo collages! Gwen’s my fave:) and also happy birthday Brittany!(a little too late). xoxox

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