Fashion Week Round Up: 6 Daring Collections From MFW + Videos!

Well my fashion ship has sailed when it came to catching up on latest fashions this season. So excuse the lateness and bare with me, for the last two months have been everything but sadly blogging. I love to cover my fashion weeks like everyone else but I couldn’t catch up if I wanted to. There’s been so much is happening regarding what I do that fashion week, slipped on by and left me wishing I had more time to reflect each look.

I really enjoyed all of the looks this for the 2013 spring/ summer season. So since the collections are for next year it’s still worth talking about.

I’ve picked out a collection of 6 Milan Favorites from the runway.  I consider Milan Fashion week one of most intriguing of all of the weeks.

With Milan fashion week it’s about giving you something you’ve never seen before and they always bring it. No matter what the season is the designers at MFW are all about giving us something to talk about. There’s a vast richness in their display along the runways.

But don’t get me wrong I’m a fan of all the fashion weeks it’s just something about MFW. I was really surprised by D&G and the collection they debuted, but like I always say my blog is about uplifting fashion and tarnishing it. But I was a bit taken back by the whole ordeal (aka the earrings). But it’s not my thing to speak negative but it was dissatisfying that’s all.

~Anyways I shall move on to more fabulous news ~

Debuting The 6 Collections Wasn’t Easy To Pick, Their Was So Many Great Collections From The New To The Familiar Ones.

 So Enjoy!

Thanks : ) Brittany J.

(Balenciaga 2013 S/S Collection + Video)

(Blumarine 2013 S/S Collection + Video)

(Emilio Pucci 2013 S/S Collection + Video)

(Fendi 2013 S/S Collection + Video)

(Roberto Cavalli 2013 S/S Collection + Video)

(Versace 2013 S/S Collection + Video)


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